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modifikasi Honda Blade mounts Gerry 'Laurent' Salim, breezed in the MP6-class Top 1 KYT MotoPrix Corsa, 2011, Region 2 series II. Heavy rain conditions and in some corners have stagnant water, Blade of the Honda team MPM Zuma (HMPMZ), Surabaya, East Java, the highest podium.

Agus Supriyono, Tunner HPMPZ, dispensing Blade play safe. Some of the components changed with caution. Compression and hole venturi carburetor baseball could exceed a predetermined size.

Compression ratio has also been pegged. Compression is expandable up to 12.8: 1. "A little hard to mix more than 12,8:1 compression. A big risk. Machine so baseball-resistant, "said Agus, who had a garage CPX Racing from Jl. Raya Wonosari, Jogja.

Blade compression standard 9: 1. That is, the compression ratio Blade in the hands of Agustin gained 3.8 of the standard. "It was an adjustment because the regulation of fuel must use Pertamax Plus. So 13: 1 with Pertamax will ngelitik. If run, the engine will get hot. "Agus a stocky body.

Duck Blade own competitor to MP6 with Pertamax could reach 13: 1. That is, a higher compression than 12,8:1 can generate great energy.

It seems, too high compression ratio makes it difficult for riders baseball. Especially, the series II and Region 2 MotoPrix this time in the wet circuit, even a pool of water. The flat and soft power is easy to control rider.

The diameter of venturi also been redesigned. Agus seem to want more than the regulation baseball. Diameter of standard inlet fuel 17 mm. Agus turn it into 20 mm. "The rule that much. Constrained diameter greater than 20 mm can be cracked. Only fitting that audited discrut just seen is glued or not venturinya. Not measured in diameter, "cocor Agus.

Although there are limitations that make Tunner MP6 for Blade kudu carefully, but there are advantages. The duration of the valve in-ex Blade can be reset without having to fear collide in-out valve.

"I do not need to change the valve sitting. Unlike other brands which have to slide the valve bottle holder. It's become more cost, "said Agus a crew cut.

Length of valve in-out Blade MP6 designed Agus so open 35 degrees before TDC and closes 62 degrees after the TMB to the suction valve. While the valve out contrived to open 60 degrees before the TMB and 37 degrees after TDC.

"Compression is made safe, high-force valve can be 9.5 mm," Agus said the brown-skinned. Sok CUSTOM

Sokbreker War back please just happened. Some imported products classmates Ohlins, YSS and KTC. Showa also includes the original Japanese brand, but is produced in Indonesia. Unlike the Triple-S is made in Yogyakarta.

"The difference does a little with brands that are famous. Perakitnya can simply setting as needed, "sure Agus Supriyono.

Sokbreker Triple-S made Goy, one of the famous players custom sokbreker offroader also on four wheels. Now has his own brand. (

Front tire: 90/80-17 Corsa
Rear tire: 90/80-17 Corsa
Front rim: TDR U-shape 1.40 x 17
Rear rim: TDR U-shape 1.40 x 17
Agus Supriyono: 0818-0413-0768

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