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modifikasi yamaha vixion

yamaha vixion is the most user motorcycle in indonesia. because yamaha must be first brand mark of motorcycle from japan who popular in indonesia.

Here certain PEAKS modified of Yamaha Vixion announced by Syachrul Ibrachim. It made a certain modification on its Vixy 2008. It employ it. 2.5 it. and 3.5 for the nose gear wheel and back. It also change it is tire of oiginal with Batlax BT 45.140/70/17 for the back tire and Swalow 120/70/17 for the front tire. Other modifications which it made are: to the top on side of the shock absorber to the bottom, of the double front disc, Yamaha packing the bar, and the arm of banana model.

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Yamaha Vixion Tahun 2008. lebar depan of the belakang 3.5 of. of power of Pelek 2.5, prohibition Belakang Batlax BT 45.140/70/17 Swalow depan 120/70/17, to the top on the side to the bottom fact in the cross of engine of untuk of Taiwan, disc before dauble, principal original Vixion, king de Kaliper X-ray, has piqu the cross of Yamaha, the headlight X supra 125, model banana of arm

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