Kawasaki New Ninja 250R 2013 Injeksi

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Kawasaki New Ninja 250R 2013 Injeksi
Kawasaki New Ninja 250R 2013 Injeksi. Location at the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Pacific Place (Ballroom 1A), Sudirman Center Business District (SCBD), Jakarta (01/08) formally PT. Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) released its newest product, New Kawasaki Ninja 250R.
It was conceived news Kawasaki Ninja 250R will release injectable version, even more government regulation of the Euro 3 who would not want to implement a supplier of fuel injection systems.
However, this time for the Kawasaki expertly hide the identity of this new bike. Unexpectedly, this bike is a total turnover. Not just a change of system suppliers with a carburetor fuel injection. But more than that, the sector body, engine, and the legs have revamping.
"It is an honor for Indonesia. Because the first place New product introductions Kawasaki Ninja 250R. For the principals, Indonesia to the attention of its own "clear Freddyanto Basuki.
Price is itself quite surprising! Expectations in the range of 55-60 million, was only released 49.9 million (OTR Jakarta) goods available September. While the ABS version released Rp 56.9 million (OTR Jakarta) if the stock is there in October. This is reasonable, because this is moge technology.
Freddy target every month sold 1800 - 2000 units. Target is calculated realistically, the article of previous generations are able to standardize the number of 1500 units per month. Highest in the world. This is what causes Kawasaki Heavy Industries memilh Indonesia as a prime launching spot. Production base in Thailand is still the same.
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Modif Yamaha GT Soul, 2012

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PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) confirmed that Yamaha soul GT  is destined for the adam. Again reinforced by the presence of a modified version of this GT Soul. Masculine impression beraura try modif emitted by a typical muscle car Amrik.

"Through this modification, to emphasize the masculine side of the  Soul GT. Thus, the concept of the Camaro muscle car we tried terjermahkan in depth, "said Eko Prabowo, GM Promotion & Community YIMM.

The concept is applied, not merely a concept. But, indeed originated from one of the part which seemed to be an icon for the Soul of the GT. That is, the headlamp. Headlights that have a shape like a headlight in the Chevrolet (Chevy) Camaro Coupe, so the source of inspiration for the development modif done.

Baseball one as well if other than the Camaro, the concept car Transformers come to be a source of inspiration. Especially, from the character Bumblebee. That's because the GT Soul YIMM want to dub this modif The Monster.

Modif genre itself leads to the hot rod race. Thus, modifikasi Soul GT has a wheelbase that is more Rewind. In addition, the lowest distance to the ground made shorter. More long wheel base, which was reversed due to the engine. Retreat or withdraw life-better known link arm, the engine made more backward about 10 cm. This makes the overall dimensions of the legs seemed to grow longer.

But, besides pushed back, the engine also is shifted to the left side as much as 5 cm. Both of these are done because the rear wheels apply a wide rim. Rear rim wear a size 7 inches. Was the front rim, the application of 4 inches. Rim shape, is designed differently. That is, baseball is easy to find on the market. Wong is created it myself. Because the form of the latch to adjust the style of hot rod racing a stocky but dynamic look. Application 120/70-14 front tire and 160/70-14 rear. Simple but had a strong impression! This can be seen from the use of hood pins. You know, part of fasteners or hook the hood usually applied in race cars. Well, this part is also applied on the front cover of Soul GT.

source: http://motorplus.otomotifnet.com/read/2012/04/11/329819/78/10/Yamaha-Soul-GT-Aura-Muscle-Car
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New Honda Blade 110R modified

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New Honda Blade 110R modified
New Honda Blade 110R 2012 Honda-owned team grasstrack MPS Bantam KYT AHRS IRC (MHBKIA) ​​formulated Adli Yulizar Songa, Tunner's top asphalt racing. Songa, call top Adli Yulizar Songa, life moves a frog. Inhale ... squat ... SEEP .... jump like frogs. Well, sorry is not so mean.

Songa moves a frog that is used to mix formula is applied to a road race Blade grasstrack the race on the ground. Such as frogs, it is hooked to move from water to land. Frog was right in relying on the water swim techniques, but he jumped right in land. Huuups!

Songa actual ingredients that are also working on different baseball Indoprix Blade in Blade is worn away by F. Chimon, grasstracker MHBKIA. Version of the asphalt look at page 11. There are spurred Honda Blade Owie Nurhuda in Indoprix and HRC (Honda Racing Championship) also blends Songa. In the count, according to Songa, only difference in the ratio.

Noken duration of in-out valve 275. "The difference is also in compression and the ratio gearbox. The rest is the same for Indoprix like Blade, "which is based in Songa beber Joglo, Tangerang.

source: http://motorplus.otomotifnet.com/read/2012/04/12/329770/98/10/Honda-New-Blade-110R-Ajian-Jurus-Kodok
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Scorpio modif-Z, Change Clothes added cool

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The desire to have different vehicles with other vehicles, making modifying vehicles is something the right choice. As experienced Mulyono when you want to try to change the look of his Scorpio-Z into Motor Sport 2008 Yamaha M1. And direct, referring Mulyono Tauco Custom home modifications to change the ordinary appearance of the vehicle into an extraordinary vehicle. But before Mulyono must adapt to the needs of the motor is used daily. To fit the needs of Topo Goedel Atmodjo as boss of Tauco Custom trying to change the look of the entire body of Scorpio-Z using the full set of body 0.8 mm galvanized plate. Without significant obstacles.
Scorpio modif-Z, Change Clothes added cool photo

Very clearly visible grooves for captivating grooves on his fairing, tank and seat. "I deliberately steer Scorpio-Z motor sport is to become an elegant and charming," said Topo. Then, Topo involved adding trinkets to add a sporty impression in the body of Scorpio-Z. As seen on the head lamp, using the Topo-owned Honda Vario, while the stop lamp bungbon property. The legs pulled off the shock front Topo Byson Yamaha's, a part Chemco put a rim. The original rims were made ​​in the country wrapped in 100/70/17 Corsa tires (front) and 140/70/17 rear tires wrapped Corsa. Feet off the affair, Topo recommend using the rear brake's Suzuki Satria F150. And to increase the effect of harmonization, a part of his foot pag Yoshimura entrusted to accompany Mulyono drive. In addition, to enhance the driving comfort-Z Scorpio pinned the handlebars of terlanjut gambot ride it. Well done business before, now to stern. As usual, if the tail is not worth it then the result will be 'katro'. Therefore Kwangen themed custom exhaust from Exhaust Specialist pinned. Well, it seems Mulyono will be the center of attention in the street while driving ni. Congratulations bro.
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Modified Yamaha Vixion Change to Ducati 1198

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Who does not dream to have a sport bike like the Ducati 1198. With the appearance of muscular and fierce look in each corner, making the dream of every rider to have it. But not for Billy Wicaksono commonly called Ega. Full support of his parents make his dream memujudkan Ega, to change the look of the Yamaha V-Ixion to his 2011 Ducati 1198. Finally Ega dream come true to have a Ducati 1198, even the middle of the center of attention wherever located Ega. With cold hands modifier via Topo Goedel Atmodjo, Ega now can smile happy. "Ducati 1198 has exceptional design, sporty, elegant. And this has been a 1198 Ducati motorcycle of my dreams," said Billy Wicaksono is also one of the college students in Depok, West Java.
Modified Yamaha Vixion Change to Ducati 1198 photo

 With his own original idea to have a Ducati 1198, also visited the workshop Tauco Ega Custom to make it happen. Sure enough plain view V-Ixion transformed into a Ducati 1198. Well to find out what changes are contained in the body V-Ixion you should see this one. Ega entrust part of the body to put white color throughout the body, aka 1198 Ducati V-Ixion, and to realize a solid body attaching plate qalvanis Topo 0.8 mm. As the tank, Swing Arm, Fairing. "At first, this bike has a golden color, but I changed into a white violet violet. Besides I like the color white, my vehicle registration is also white," said Ega. Do not stop there, for more involved attaching Ega turn color gold accessories. As part of the legs Ega using MGV gold rims wrapped in 120/70/17 front Batlax Bt.45.

And to the rear bgian using 150/70/17 size which is also wrapped with Batlax Bt.45. For the front suspension, Ducati 1198 version of the V-Ixion's Byson adopted. Footstep part, Ega entrust Yoshimura. And for added comfort Ega choose Pinch Stang. The final touch on the exhaust Akropovic seen protruding below the back of the headlamp. "Overall I have to spend up to Rp 30 million from the initial first modif. And I am very pleased with the look of my bike now," he said with a smile.
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Discover and Bajaj Avenger Ragu Bring to Indonesia

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Despite a series of testing, the motor manufacturer Bajaj claims still thinking to take Bajaj Discover and Avenger to Indonesia. Bajaj argued that they do because it is still focused on variants of the Pulsar. Vice President Director of PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia Dinesh Kulkarni said their main focus is still on the Pulsar although it did not rule out other variants will they bring to Indonesia. "We're still at the Pulsar concentration, so in the near future may not have been.

But it is possible we will take in the future," he said. As reported earlier, Bajaj known some time ago was to test four new motorcycles in Indonesia, which consists of three types of Bajaj Discover and 1 type Avenger. Looking at the products tested, it appears that variations segment to grasp this manufacturer from India. Because if the variant Pulsar is a motorcycle sport that prefers sportivitasnya side, Discover is a motor sport who prefer a more functionality as well as the Avenger Bajaj Discover motorcycle touring.vUntuk 100 DTS-Si engine have a capacity of 94.38 cc 7.7 bhp powered the can dikail in rotation 7500 rpm with a torque of 7.85 Nm. If the motor is actually born in Indonesia, then you could say this would be a motor sport with the smallest engine capacity in Indonesia and this may also be a motor that has the most affordable prices in the Bajaj family. While Bajaj Discover 125 is the newest family in Discover and has a capacity of 124.6 cc. The machine is able to generate power 11 bhp at 8000 rpm with a torque round of 10.8 Nm at 5,500 rpm. The Bajaj Discover 150 of the above is an elder of the two motors before and have a powerful 13 cc engine 144 PS at 7500 rpm with a torque of 12.75 Nm at 5,500 rpm. And finally, the Bajaj Avenger 220 DTS-i. In the design of the motor is different from the Pulsar and Discover. Because if these two variants were to choose a model naked bike, Avenger looks more like a sport bike cruiser. This motor is holding a 4-stroke engine, single cylinder, DTS-i, water-cooled with oil cooler has a capacity of 219.89 cc. The machine was able to bring power up to 19.03 PS at 8400 propeller rpm with a torque of 17.5 Nm at 7,000 rpm rotation.

When all four products are realized into Indonesia, the Bajaj motorcycle line up will be fairly complete from 100 cc (Discover 100), 125 cc (Discover 125), 135 cc (Pulsar 135LS), 150 cc (Discover 150), 180 cc ( Pulsasr 180), 200 cc (Pulsar 200) to 220 cc (Pulsar 220 and Avenger 220). "Need I point out here that the testing and launch were two different things. All Bajaj motorcycles in India we will test in Indonesia. But we're not all will be launched," elaknya. Bajaj degree 'Pulsar must Lelaku Tour' And to prove its focus on the Pulsar, Bajaj was to hold an event titled 'Pulsar must Lelaku Tour' which is claimed as 'Indonesia 1st Freestyle Biking & Music Festival'.

The event will collaborate with a team high performance Pulsar Pulsar X freestyle riders biking, and rock music from the band top / rif. Tomotaka Ishikawa, President Director of PT. BAI, says the collaboration will establish a special formation which will be the identity (signature) for the Pulsar. "This form of collaboration is the first in Indonesia and is a form of affirmation of a new tagline Pulsar Men must remember that these three elements are combined, the motor sport, action freestyler, and rock music is synonymous with a masculine man and brave," said Tom San, greeting familiar to Tomotaka Ishikawa. Tom San added that this event will be held in seven major cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Quezon, and Palembang on the weekend of March 31, 2012 until June 9, 2012 in rotation in each city starting at three afternoon until eleven at night. City road show that will open the Bandung. Group band / rif, which has personnel Andy (vocals), John (bass), Adji (guitar), Maggi (drums), and Ovy (guitars) states happy and proud to join in the collaboration must Pulsar Men Tour. According to Andy, in the collaboration / rif will appear along with the formation freestyle by Pulsar X Rider. "We are excited and interested in participating in this event. Motor man, music man, plus a freestyler is interesting collaboration. This is the first experience. Because there will be a moment of / rif and the collaborating freestyler, this first experience. Collaboration between music and freestyler," said Vocalist / rif, Andy. One member of the Pulsar X Riders named Harley, adding that the formation of this collaboration will be displayed in a special formation that was created for the Pulsar. "The level of difficulty is high, so it requires the ability of each team member is also high. Element of consistency, accuracy, and spectacular actions in this formation is the result of a serious exercise and of course supported by the high performance of Pulsar motorcycle itself, "he explained. "When asked to select the motor what will digunkan in action this time, we chose the Pulsar 220," he added. Besides the peak of the collaboration, visitors in each city will be treated to performances by local bands and can participate in various contests and games.

In addition, for visitors who want to try the performance advantages of Pulsar, can do a test ride in the arena that has been provided in addition to a variety of exciting games. "Action is our freestyle title to demonstrate the capability and performance to the Pulsar. Action is performed by professionals, so we do not advise people to do it on a public street," complete Kulkarni.
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Yamaha Jupiter Z striping Putih Baru 2012

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Yamaha Jupiter Z striping Putih Baru 2012

Yamaha Indonesia membuka awal 2012 dengan menambah warna baru Jupiter Z putih melengkapi kelir lainnya, merah, hitam, hijau, biru dan emas. Bebek andalan ini juga masih menggandeng Jorge Lorenzo-pebalap MotoGP dari Tim Yamaha-sebagai duta sekaligus bintang iklannya.

Indra Dwi Sunda, PR Corporate & Communication Head PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) mengatakan, putih menjadi salah satu target yang disiapkan Yamaha untuk semua motornya ke depan. "Putih menampilkan kesan elegan dan mewah, tambah istimewa untuk Jupiter Z mengangkat citra motor ini," beber Indra dalam keterangan resmi yang diterima KompasOtomotif, (6/1/2012).

Sosok Jupiter Z white terlihat lebih segar karena putih saat ini menjadi salah satu warna favorit di Indonesia. Selain itu sentuhan nuansa smokey eyes (hitam) pada sein dan lampu belakang menambah kesan macho, khususnya saat siang hari. Tak ketinggalan, fitur AHO sudah melekat di Jupiter Z sehingga sesuai standar keselamatan pemerintah.

"Efek smoke menambah nuansa balap dan sporty, tapi tetap mempertimbangkan aspek safety riding," tambah Indra.

Tak ada perubahan spesifikasi mesin maupun fitur pada Jupiter Z white ini, tetap dengan mesin 113 cc, 4-tak, SOHC, berpendingin udara, bertenaga 8,16 PS pada 7.500 rpm dan torsi puncak 8,52 Nm di 4.000 rpm. Yamaha mulai memasarkan Jupiter Z white ke seluruh Indonesia mulai Januari 2012, harganya sama Rp14,6 juta
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