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1. Effectiveness: Generally the automatic girboks trap the fuel up to 15% more than the handbook and if you live in Jakarta, this number can even reach up to 20%. Injektor always provide the fuel to the engine even if the vehicle is stopped on the blocked streets. If you notification, when you change the position of the transmission into D, automatic race of car, though your foot does not press the gas pedal. Try to replace the NR, then the neutral of transmission, this is so that the girboks avoid the friction which can damage even the transmission and the clutch of aus.

2. Order: What is special about the handbook you can choose the desired level speed. Since you can order it directly provide this allowance when the large turn, and go when you want to slow down the vehicle very quickly. This also will reduce the damage and will go on board because the retrogressing brake.

3. Speed: By modifying the engine, the manual transmission has a better advantage. It is because the handbook transmission speed can be distributed to moreover high level of the T/MN to obtain best speed. The market of the accessories ECU on the manual transmission also will have the power of horse 20% higher than the automatic comparison between each whole and speed and puts speed on the number of T/MN being employed.

4. Feelings: Cheaper, more effective, more quickly and can be ordered. In my car the handbook will give you a better advantage, when you are on the speed 1 and the pressure of clutch and gas to one higher of level than the clutch of T/MN while pressing your foot pressing the gas pedal quickly. No speed is better than when you can feel that wheel-towards bottom with the wheel turns, and you burn rubber. Moreover, when the engine between the teeth of spur gear, you can appreciate the noise of the packing of the exhaust when you increase the T/MN.

5. Cost: You must be able to receive, automatically expensive than the handbook. It is because the chip and a separate device which encircle girboks automatically. It is as to pay the cost 10% expensive a simple robot is responsible to change speed for you, but you must always change the position speed when you travel or you draw aside! The car of Girboks confiscate the fate of attention, and will be much more expensive if you damage it

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