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Suzuki introducing gangster 2007 of Suzuki 1250S. It combine the heavy power with naming distinctive and the quality of an engine cooled by a liquid all-nine and technological-advanced and of a advanced numerical system of fuel injection. The gangster of Suzuki became in the whole world a favourite of a range of riders by providing an unequalled package of execution, model and value.


the new L, cooled by a liquid, the fuel injected, driving of DOHC comprising a boring and race of 79.0mm X of 64.0mm for full a 1254.8cc' S with couple establishing the system duel of fuel injection of control valve of power of Suzuki of performanceNew comprising bodies of power control of 36mm for optimum engine of contract of execution and engine of soft accelerationsAll the new one conceives with a central chain of cam, upset axes of transmission, a tighter spacing between the pairs of cylinders and a secondary tree tensioner for the silencer with strong flow equipped new by catalyst reduced with vibrationA combined with a system of effective management of engine, the system of PAIRS of Suzuki, and probes it oxygen for the reduced emissions meeting the hard system of the ordering of speed no-load of standardsSuzuki of euro 3 (ISC) to start cold improved, with order with vacuum formed and reduced emissions. A new transmission luisante speed of the shift six improves acceleration while reducing high speed T/MN to the fluid clutch of speedsNew of road with helical springs for the feeling improved of lever and the cooling agent with oil cooled by liquid of ew of order for reduced cylinder head of a comprising oil temperaturesAll the news of the exhaust valves of 31mm and the valves of admission of 27mm placed at narrow angle of valve of 16 degrees with the updated ports of catch and exhaust for the maximum flow.


The new frame of reinforcement of tube comprising of the tubes of largeer diameter downwards for the rigidity of improved torsion conceived for the excellent balance of sporting handling and the comfortable cruising of road
The innovating system of adjustment of size of seat can be adjusted upwards or downwards by 20mm with a simple system of seat stand of spacer. the forks before 43mm combined with a shock postpones simple with the adjustability of initial load to go up with or without the passengersFull floating the disc brakes before duels of 310mm with four gauges of piston with a back disc 240mm and a gauge to a piston. Braking not blocable (ABS) is also available and supervises the speed of wheel and the power of braking of matches to traction available.

The gangster 1250S comprises half smooth fairing, with built in headlights of line-beam, an effective windshield and the aluminium wheels of spoke of the mirrorsCast assembled by bearing fairing three of the radial tires and an idea easy to use standard centerstand, seat comfortable with the low fuel tank of capacity of heightLarge of seat for the long operating range easy-with-actuate the centerstand with the report/ratio of power raised to reduce the effort.

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