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In my recent post, we spoke about Daihatsu Terios. Now, we will review him the 'competitor of S which has a cost more high and more than one mark believed, precipitation of Toyota.

The engine of pint Toyota Astra (TAM) and the engine of pint Astra Daihatsu hope to sell thousand units of the precipitation of Toyota/du Daihatsu Terios per month in 2007, a car 1500cc this of the seats to seven people.

Johnny Darmawan, the President the sales manager of hopes of pint TAM of precipitation will push the market share of Toyota to the top of some points with 35%. He believes that precipitation will not eat in the market share of other, similar Toyota model, Kijang Innnova and Toyota Avanza, because they are various classes of the vehicles. The last two are universal vehicle (MPV) while precipitation is a sporting commercial vehicle 42 average (SUV), it says.

The precipitation of Toyota is the result of the common production with the engine of pint Astra Daihatsu, with Daihatsu launching the car under the name of Terios. That which it is called the cars are produced with the factory of daihatsu' S At Karawang, Java Western. In after the two companies cooperated successfully to establish the models of Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia.

The manual version cheaper of precipitation will be sold for 155 million rupee, the manual type of G to 165 million rupee, whereas the automatic has the price indicated to 179 million rupee on the road, of available from January 12, 2007.

Terios however will come cheaper, with the standard model have the price indicated to 122 rupee, handbook million of TX to 151 million, and automatic TX to 161 million.

Side of manufacture 72% of the parts which compose the two models are locally made, 9% come from the other country of the ASEAN, whereas 19% are Japan. The vice-president the director of Daihatsu, Sudirman, known as that of 2008 95% of components will be produced locally, with the new investment assembling itself to 70 million dollars being plowed in the factory of the company.

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