Fiat Grande Punto 'Super Mini Car '

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You close on the heels of the launching of the jazz of Honda, come FIAT grandePunto. One week after Honda launched its first small car, the jazz, conveys superb also launched FIAT of mini car manufacturer of Intalian grande Punto to India. FIAT 'truck with forage ladder postpones S second in the country. FIAT large gasoline Punto and diesel available are had the price indicated between the ex-room of exposure of lac of Rs 3.99 and lac of Rs 6.11, New Delhi. The car promises to provide the best comfort level to its users.

FIATgrande Punto, a truck with back forage ladder in the gasoline and the alternatives diesel, is a joint undertaking of the engines of FIAT and of Touched and has the devices of best quality like ABS (system of brake ABS) and EBD (electronic distribution of brake). The supermini of FIAT of third generation to support named Punto, the project called 199, large Punto was revealed with the Living room 2005 of the Car of Frankfurt and went on sale later which year. Named by Giugiaro, the car is based on the platform of Fiat/GM SCCS. While the model shares part of its name with preceding Punto, a great number of its components are new, including a new frame and shell of body.

A civil servant of FIAT India declared, launching of famous brands of Punto a new big step for FIAT in India as we bring the designs quintessenciellement Italian to the Indian shores .

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