BMW SCT 800 Superscooter Specs

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BMW SCT 800 Superscooter SpecsBMW SCT 800 Superscooter Specs

This is a new BMW scooter design. It's able with a advanced accompanying 800cc 4V agent with added than 70 CV.It mounts 16" auto of advanced area and adopts the telelever advanced abeyance and a monoshock cushion beneath the motor rear.

It aims to be best adult superscooter on the bazaar and will be able to accept a ample ambit of absolute accessories.Here's a actual abundant apprehension from our old acquaintance Oberdan Bezzi . He's charmed us afore with his abstracted designs, he had afresh done assignment for Massimo Tartarini (Italjet) and now it looks like he's got his architect set on BMW with what he is calling the SCT800.

This "what-if" architecture uses a accompanying cylinder, 4 valve, 800cc agent to advance the 16 inch auto to alarming speeds. BMW had said they were because scooters again. It took them added than a decade to lick the wounds of their abbreviate lived BMW C1. Rumors abound that BMW will absolution a scooter that is artlessly a rebranded Kymco.

I would alone like to see one of OBIBOI's designs appear to activity for BMW. I assumption we'll accept to comedy the cat-and-mouse game. Maybe they'll appearance article for 2010?

You can bang the appellation articulation to see what the guys and gals over at ADVRIDER accept to say about it. They additionally accept a abundant bigger angel area you can get added of the detail.

Thanks to Rick Russell for the scoop!

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