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SUZUKI SHOGUN MODIFICCATION FOR CONTESTthis is concep extreeme modification for contest. it is suzuki shogun R 110 CC. Its the wonderful extreeme Modification for suzuki shogun , Are you looking for the modification of suzuki shogun. if yes then this may be one of a good reference for you. if you are interested to change the color of your suzuki shogun, then this cool bike will be impresh you.

Suzuki SHOGUN post pictures from this club from the city West Custom Jember. Clearly adopted the concept with the theme of Terminator 3 rise the machine. From start bodinya far from the iron plate and formed dikrom strange. Foot-feet hubless the wheel rim or orbital, without the grating. Write their feet and suspension front and back of this single-sided to be made in accordance with the robot theme T3.

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