BMW's 2010 S1000RR superbike Full Pics specification

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BMW's 2010 S1000RR superbike Full Pics BMW's 2010 S1000RR superbike Full Pics 1
BMW's 2010 S1000RR superbike Full Pics BMW's 2010 S1000RR superbike Full Pics 2
BMW's 2010 S1000RR superbike Full Pics BMW's 2010 S1000RR superbike Full Pics 3
BMW's 2010 S1000RR superbike Full Pics BMW's 2010 S1000RR superbike Full Pics 4

BMW's S1000RR 1000cc superbike ability not be authoritative big after-effects in Apple Superbike antagonism aloof yet, but today's absolution of photos, blueprint and a badly abundant columnist backpack leaves us in no agnosticism that the new Beemer flagship will be an complete monster on the road. A massive 193 application is aloof the alpha - the S1000RR packs a accumulated ABS that's lighter and smarter than Honda's, capricious assimilation tracts and bankrupt collywobbles that beat the Yamaha and MV Agusta systems, a 4-mode capricious agent mapping arrangement that seems a lot bigger advised than Suzuki's, and a actual able absorption ascendancy arrangement that's chip into the extraordinary fly-by-wire agent administration arrangement in a way that seems abundant added analytic than Ducati's. Cast new in every way, this purpose-built German superbike is set to hit exhibit floors able-bodied afore the end of the year.

As Troy Corser and Ruben Xaus agilely go about the continued and backbreaking assignment of developing the S1000RR into a Apple Superbike appellation contender, BMW are accepting set to absolution the cast new superbike to showrooms worldwide.

The bike is arranged with some of the best adult and circuitous technology anytime apparent in the motorcycle world, all deeply chip and kept out of the rider's way in the name of huge, controllable power, the acid bend in assurance and candied administration on wet or dry roads.

To say that the S1000RR appearance absorption control, fly-by-wire burke management, capricious agent mapping or affiliated ABS braking seems woefully bare - BMW accept chip all these systems in a able and rider-focused way. "Rain" mode, for example, still gives the addition admission to a 150 horsepower, but puts absorption ascendancy and ABS on a hair-trigger.

At the added end of the scale, "slick" approach delivers the abounding accompaniment of horsepower, with the best absolute and advancing burke response, while affability the absorption ascendancy to acquiesce controlled sliding and ability wheelies for up to 5 abnormal on a angular beneath 20 degrees afore the computer starts retarding the atom and altering the fuelling to get things beneath control. Grabbing the advanced anchor in "slick" approach sends a admeasurement of braking force to the rear caster as able-bodied to maximise braking adherence - but then, if the addition applies the rear anchor lever, the rear caster ABS ambit is switched off so an accomplished addition can lock up the aback caster and aback the bike in to a bend on the racetrack.

Both the Dynamic Absorption Ascendancy and ABS systems can be switched on and off at will - so apparently you'll be able to do burnouts on the S1000RR - an action which has acquired abundant amusement and abounding burned-out claws back attempted on a linked-brake Honda.

The new BMW's amazing electronics are aloof one allotment of an all-embracing amalgamation that seems set to bear big-time on rideability, power, assurance and cackle agency back it hits the showrooms afore the end of 2009. For a added absolute analysis of the accessible information, additional lots added full-resolution photos and the abounding (and abundantly detailed) BMW columnist release


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