TVS StreetFighter Velocity 160 at Jakarta Motorcycle Show

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TVS velocity 160 streetfighter

streetfighter sport motorcycle genre seems to be infecting the motor manufacturer in Indonesia. After the New Mega Pro Honda and Yamaha with its Byson, Suzuki had been preparing stretfighter latest 150 cc.In fact, Indian manufacturers are now also displaying motor sport street fighter style.
TVS streetfighter velocity 160
Is PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia (TVSMCI) that displayed motor concept of Velocity 160 cc Apache which takes the base of the Apache RTR 160.

Street fighter is the result of home modifications rubahan one in Jakarta. According to TVS, the concept of street fighter from the results of this modification is present to see the market sentiment on the design of this TVS motor sport.YVS streetfighter velocity 160 wallpaper

Velocity is designed with a clear design lines and sharp. To produce the maximum of its original rubahan Apache RTR rounded material is sharper, a lot of picking Velocity after-market parts and custom.

To confirm streetfighter characters, using a head lamp Velocity of TVS RockZ wrapped with a custom head lamp cover is formed sharp corners.

In addition, rubahan on the legs was also determines the most rubahan RTR 160 a Velocity 160. To shore up the front tires that use Battlax 120/70-17, Velocity shock pick-up side down from Mito.

Meanwhile, to shore up Battlax rear tire size 150/60-17 which swelled from its original size, Velocity pengaplikasikan custom swing arm style moge. In addition, for the rear shock absorbers for the formation of more viscous streetfighter character, TVS transplanting of YSS mono shock.

Apache Velocity 160 which is the incarnation of the Apache RTR 160, the present as a reference for users of TVS Apache modification.Tvs Street fighter velocity 160 wallpaper

Benny Yuniardi Widiatmoko, GM TVSMCI Marketing Group said, "This is a streetfighter concept of TVS Indonesia to see the market reaction on the design of this bike," said Benny.

Benny adds, "Besides, we also want to see if market sentiment TVS motor sport brings style streetfighter who is currently a trend," he added.

So if the concept is TVS Apache Velocity 160 will follow in the footsteps Japanese manufacturers such as Yamaha and Honda? Let's wait on the game.

TVS Rubahan Velocity 160 Specifications

Head Lamp: TVS Neo X3i

Cover Head Lamp & Visior: Custom

Master Brakes: Kitaco

Tires Front: Bridgestone Battlax 120/70-17

Rear Tires: Bridgestone Battlax 150/60-17

Front wheels: After Market 3:00 inch

Rear wheels: After Market 4:00 inch

Future Shock: Up Side Down (Mito)

Rear Shock: YSS

Front disc / Rear: After Market

Swing Arm: Custom

Body Work: Cutom Fiberglass

Tank: TVS Apache RTR 160 DD

Muffler: Custom

STEEP Foot Forward: Yoshimura

Brake Lights, Sein & Rear Rear Rear: DRC edge 2

Speedo Meter: TVS Apache RTR 160 DD

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