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MODIFIKASI YAMAHA SCORPIO FOR TOURINGgambar modifikasi yamaha scorpio touring
if Yamaha Scorpio is special in the eyes of the lovers of touring. In addition to the large capacity engine in its class to date, the mainstay product of PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) is also fine in terms of chassis. Indeed cucok for enthusiast roaming between cities.

But not for Singgih Revelation is none other in the context turinger still true. "Views should be slightly modified. Particularly in the legs and body. dashing impression must be clarified," says Revelation is based on seputaran Jl. Distended Raya, South Jakarta.

Concept and design of the output select genuine Italian products. Benelli 756. In the hands of Ward heart of the home modifications Gandul 2Wheel Custom (G2C). Benelli 756 engined yamaha Scorpio ready tilled.

"Not until the change order. Because the concept does not change the total, only a few parts and custom moge waste are needed,"said Ward of the workshop on Jl. Gandul Krukut Ambara, Cinere, Depok, West Java.

For customized swing arm, Ward still maintaining a true hallmark sport. "The model swing arm is still created as closely as possible to the original concept. But of course with the appropriate size with the chassis Scorpio,"added the modifier was friendly.

Talk of the body, certainly qualifies as a sturdy and simple. Form of a custom tank, the top bit soar. While the side-bending full of sharp bends."The advantage of this tank model can accommodate more gasoline. Especially for daily use and touring. Very useful than select tongkrongan Jap's style or supermoto," says builder who change model nyerempet into bald haircut. That is, there is little hair.

Leisure time touring there in front of the sector. Sok upside down Aprilia RS125 love damping more subtle. "As komstir owned Aprilia changed. Diesuaikan Scorpio's smaller," he explained.

Close Solution Framework

Benelli 756 original, do not use the side frame. Or known by the twin spar chassis beam. To outsmart the framework of the invisible side of Scorpio, by Ward made ​​a kind of airscoop. Like the wind hole right beside the left and right chassis.

"Actually, still follow the concept of Benelli. So look right and fit. Moreover, the framework of Scorpio small side, unlike the V-Ixion or Byson. So better shut," said Ward.

Forms airscoop built like a triangle upside down from 0.8 mm galvanized plate material.

Here are additional Footstep boncenger custom. Same goal, to cover the bottom of the frame side. With silver paint color, felt more unified with an arm which is also wrapped in a similar color.

Tires front: 110/70 Corsa
Rear tire: 130/70 Corsa
Rims: RGV
Handlebars: Baros
Speedometer: KTM 250
Taillights: Variations
G2C: (021) 4642-7753


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