Test Drive Suzuki Hayate 2011 Spesifikasi

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Test Drive Suzuki Hayate 2011

Hayate Uzuki 2011, which was launched late last March, is a renewal of the Suzuki Skywave. With luxurious sporty design, this Suzuki scooter mainstay increasingly urban society indulge in riding a motorcycle automatic.
Test Drive Suzuki Hayate 2011
Located in Epicentrum, Jakarta, yesterday (4 / 5), Suzuki took a number of journalists to try out the performance and comfort of driving around Jakarta with riding Suzuki Hayate 2011.
Test Drive Suzuki Hayate 2011
The event test ride the Suzuki Hayate 2011, this fun-packed route streets crowded and jammed while at home office. And Dapurpacu.com get a chance to enjoy this trip.

Before you start the engine 125 cc Hayate, comfort Dapurpacu.com immediately felt when the luggage under the seat with a capacity of 17 liters is able to store a camera bag with a camera body, 2 lenses, a flashlight and a trigger in it safely.

Freely without a camera bag menggedong Dapurpacu.com riding Hayate to feel the performance, agility and comfort through the streets of Jakarta that filled millions of vehicles.
Test Drive Suzuki Hayate 2011
Control which allows us to bend light-liukan this scooter to pick up the gaps in long queues of vehicles near the traffic lights.

Design sporty luxury Suzuki Hayate 2011 capable of striking another motorist when stopped at traffic lights. "Wow, cool his Suzuki Hayate, bang," a rider next to us.

Display speedometer, rear and front lights sein, chrome-plated footing rear passengers as well as dual rear brake lights - inspired by the Suzuki GSX-R seemingly sporty.

Meanwhile, Hayate luxurious look can be seen in the design dual headlights, light blue dusk, cover the steering handlebars impressive 3-dimensional, 16-inch wheels, alloy wheels, as well as the inner gaiters.

Once the light turned green, we got a chance to try the performance, though not so long. Thanks to the engine capacity 125 cc, 4 stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder, tech Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM), Hayate can accelerate quickly and the speedometer shows the number 100km / h when crossing the street Merdeka Barat.

Suzuki claims with SCEM technology, aluminum engine blocks to be more lasting, durable and fuel efficient because of its lower weight, resistant to friction and remove heat faster. So the engine works more efficiently and more complete combustion.

Toward enter the Old City area, long queues of vehicles are visible from a distance. huffffft ... But with riding Hayate we can accelerate smoothly without stamping tansmisi. Because Hayate armed super tech continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Various safety features Suzuki Hayate presented to users. As the machine can not be turned on if the sidestand has not folded. Machine and vice versa would soon die if the sidestand side is used.

Automatic Headlamp On (Aho) applied Hayate, as well as a pioneer in Indonesia. Disc brakes at the front wheels are used for optimum braking in urban traffic we had just passed.

Suzuki Hayete 2011, enriched by the security features and kenyamaan and technology has, the more brisk market skutik 125 in Indonesia. And of course you alone will choose the best scooter of your choice.

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