Viar VX1 2011 Motor Trail Review

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Viar VX1 2011 Motor Trail  Viar VX1 2011 Motor Trail

PT Triangle Motorindo (TM) motorcycle manufacturer in the near future beremblem Viar penetrated dirt bike.

Manufacturers based in Semarang, Central Java, was admitted preparing Viar VX1, would cost Rp 13.250 million (OTR Jakarta). "Early in June we had hoped to distribute the VX1 to the outlet and continue launching,"said the source in TM.

From the photos received via electronic mail, VX1 berparas trail Adventura true style. The design implies the aura of a strong and stern combined gahar that mengkrucut so it looks futuristic.

The green color that we can imply competition authorities namely Kawasaki trail bike segment. Unfortunately, the TM is still reluctant to explain further specifications. Just a little extra color leaks, in addition there will also be green orange and red.

VX1 reportedly sustained a single-cylinder engine capacity of 150cc machines. Monoshock at the rear suspension and telescopic front.

Viar VX1 will directly compete with the Kawasaki KLX 150 S which currently cost Rp 21.7 million. With prices far below the KLX 150 S, it seems VX1 want overthrew the domination of the market KLX dirt in the ground water.

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