Moge Retro Kawasaki W800 PRJ 2011

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Moge Retro Kawasaki W800 PRJ SHOW 2011

The contrast along with other such moge Kawasaki ZX-6R or ER-6 on display in the Jakarta Fair (PRJ), Kawasaki W800 retro look good with a look of her.

Another moge on display Kawasaki look futuristic with advanced engine and sporty design. But it's precisely this appeal W800, which so far still marketed and bikers loved Japan and Europe.

Although he looks classical, Kawasaki not wanting to allow it to be an afterthought. 773cc two-cylinder engine had been full of fuel injection device to become stronger and fuel efficient. Strength steadily, to achieve 48 hp and designed with 5 speed transmission.

Additionally, its features were steady. Affairs braking wasn't wearing a brake drum. But you will find disc brakes on front wheels. All of the indicator panel can also be designed remains a classic however it looks fancy with LED highlight

Within this classic Japanese motorcycles sold 850 thousand yen, or about Rp 88 million. Unfortunately, although PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) would seriously market the ZX-6R MOGE and ER-6, there isn't any intend to sell the W800 within the homeland.

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