Modifikasi Honda CB100, 1975 Rifai Custom builder

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Modifikasi Honda CB100, 1975

Honda CB100 owner and M. Rifai Custom builder of 52, they agreed to the concept of modification. Problem nuasa simplicity and empty as the main aesthetic. Term is, beauty of emptiness, the beauty of a void, empty and completely quiet.

Yep, it looks from the modification has to offer. "For us customized priority to detail, neat and simple. If it is fulfilled, the motor is so unsightly and memorable not impose, "he explained during a photo session.

Typically, the flow jap or brad's style is still promoting compaction in several sessions. Foremost in the middle sector through the installation of right and left side cover is modified. The goal is clear, so that the body look more compact and also does not seem empty.

Budi all of baseball in the motor used. "It was left empty with no side cover. To be more 'clean' dry disposable batteries that can be hung on the seat, "said Pei, call the modifier of Pinang, Tangerang ini.Tapi, the void that baseball means they do not care about safety riding you know! "Precisely in sinil challenge. Although impressed not no nothing, safety devices remains incomplete. Minimalist mirror enough to monitor the situation behind the rider.

Turn signal, integrated handlebar mounted digital spido also just look around T sweetened the top, "Pei proud.

Simplification measures the total penetrated other sectors. Seat made not many models, is quite thin and flat. Not exist and the front fender just behind the superpendek. Muted shades of color made old school sports with 52 custom-made tank model mustang.

Put that may be shared in finishing some important parts. Actually feel more dynamic and eye cathing builder can still be played without having to destroy the concept is simple and minimalist.

If you can imagine, it's good fitted seat wrapped in brown leather. From there occurs slick shades and make the motor more beraura. Exhaust can also be added engine cover old school motifs.
Modifikasi Honda CB100, 1975

Front tire: 3.50 to 18 Swallow
Rear tire: 4.00 to 18 Swallow
Sok back: Variations
Tank: 52 Custom
Color: Cashew By 52 Custom

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