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Motor modification contest ', and Matic Race Party' stay 7 days, the mount also has not changed shape so that appear in the eye CATCHING time.

Stress? It may be, not how, memangnya easily find modifikator able to modify the motor Yamaha Mio 2009 within a week?

However, owing to the association extent Ari Mio owner is able to find a builder in a short period of time. Wah siapa tuh buildernya?

Finally, students who are also employees in the private hospital in Jakarta is not in doubt again eventually Mio CW memboyong to home modifications Ton's Chrome that is inhabited by Anton which is located in Jalan Raya Ciputat. A Land 20 cabby, Jakarta Selatan.Talk Less Do More, Anton is already 20 years experience as a builder hobinya steep two-wheel mengiyakan Ari desire that both of them want a chopper wheel with 10 inches velg costum.

Preamble, as the opening of Anton Mio tiny strip clothes, car upholstery, tires and handlebar so just leave chasisnya. Ih bugil dong si Mio CW? Indeed yes.

Eits, not the first one suspected, this action bugil dilakoni so feel free Anton mempermak Mio CW Ari property.

Chasis is trondol Anton easier to remove the engine mounting on the chasis of tercokok Mio. "Bodi I loose all to leave the chasis and engine maticnya course," said Anton to detikOto, in Ton's Crome, Jalan Raya Ciputat. A Land 20 cabby, South Jakarta, Thursday (5/3/2009).

Next, Anton does not loose any origin. Mind concentrated disesi connective engine to chasis. As a connective engine chasis Ton to use the iron plate 6 mm.

"Plat 6 mm iron I use because the burden of sustaining strong enough to wait," he said.

And to the back foot, is used per costum. Next, add effects to chopper, Anton serve velg costum 10 inches longed Ari dibalut tire brands and tread width corsa.

To penghalau rate, using the rear brake kaliper Ninja RR and equipped dics costum ala hands jahilnya Anton.

After the deal is complete back foot, proceeded to the front of the foot.

For this one diaplikasikannya shock front of the property and accompanied NOUVO Yamaha costum 5 inch rim and tire dibalut with no name ring 14, and the claw is used kaliper brembo disc brake for a costum besutan Anton.

Mio is a tiny little change wujudnya to the chopper.

Because you want to impress more terkuak chopper, Anton formed iron pipe size 25mm mengangak up to stangnya. Not until there, handgrip costum tailored to enhance the look helm.

The result is sizeable, Ari is also removing the idea feel less satisfied if the display control monoton only. So Ari intimate costum head lamp attached in front of spakbor.

"Head lamp deliberately contrived the withdrawal beautiful motor chopper," if you want to Ari.Bagaimana flow exhaust megikuti tires, approximately half a circle, in order to add sangar, Anton spirit.

Treatment was started, Anton in a terrific turn-iron swing, without having had difficulty in this case.

Finally, living color selection. Ari does not want that much color on the body motornya, only a smear of black paint and diramaikan design tengkoranmang. Spakbor and to the front and back, only dikrom only.

"Corak is selected to make a chopper feel extreme form in the Mio gue," said Ari.

Ari has finished desire, within 7 days in the hands of Anton's house modifications Ton's Chrome.

Ari was able to bring the contest motornya modification ', and Matic Race Party' last week precisely 28 February 2009 to 1 March 2009.

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