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SKUTREN SUZUKI-MODIFMaintain the position of third in the national market, PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) to apply one of the tactics survive with new models skutik. Skydrive slide after the end of March (31 / 3), one is being prepared. Species they call skutrend.

Trend manufacturer
This strategy terendus Suzuki booth at the 30th title in the Bangkok International Motor Show 2009 (26 March - 6 April). Namely through the presence of two skutik concept berjuluk latte and Jelly.

"Being prepared for mass production," said Yoshiaki harada, manager product planning dept. Suzuki Motor R & D Asia Co.. Ltd., On the results of his work for the womenfolk.

Unique model, when skutik circulating in Indonesia, most of the design utilizing straight lines figured futuristis. Then two units skutik concept is dominated by rounded lines. Blend between the classic scooter DOELOE tempo and utilizing the latest technology.

Consequently rounded contours on the body bertabur with LED and digital instruments. "We called it skutrend, shortness of skutik trendy," said Eddy Darmawan, 2W PT SIS marketing manager, when confirmed.

Spelled trendy valid-valid only in the booth because Yamaha, Honda and Zhongshen there is no skutik berdesain senada. Yamaha Fino and the Ei, Honda with the Scooty and Zhongshen with ZPM3500DT (equipped with electricity).

However, latte and Jelly is not necessarily dimassalkan. But akan dibumikan again. Ie, neutralize the design (unisex) and pengaplikasian have a spare engine with the same product semerek.

Use such property skutik spur kitchen or other Suzuki motorcycle. "But if given a 125 cc is too big. Pantesnya 110 cc, "linked the two men who have this child.

More Eddy berargumen, "Skutik of this kind is not for performance. But more to the atmosphere while enjoying the roads, "continued settlers in the Public Buncit, Jaksel this.

Menyoal target market, Eddy asserted that skutrend his later middle-class target. Ngomong ngomong price-how, and when the chute? "Pantasnya how?" He even asked back. Later he mentions a number in a range of Rp 20 million. If the matter at meluncurnya men pembesut Suzuki Neo Baleno gives target after mid-year.

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