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Own work in accordance with the dream become a hobby of many people. Can do things that can get disenanginya and satisfaction of mind at the same time earn (money) or even appreciation of the various parties on the work of such a combination that is ideal.

This is experienced by Gerrie Nur Mayurie, modifications punggawa workshop Geba Leisure Parts bermarkas in the Jl. Buah Batu No.32, Bandung. Hobinya and experience in modifying the motor and set off the display has made it modifikator reliable. Garapan various modifications that have been dihasilkannya often get appreciation from various parties.

Starting from the form of awards trophies collected from various event contest, to compliment keingin and knowledge of the general public. No wonder if this is the Geba Leisure Parts as the appropriate place to modify the display motor. And many customers who come from different cities in Indonesia was finally commit to customize motornya by the workshop also sell various accessories this motor. Correspondence is only done with the phone and email for the establishment dilakoni any motor modifications tercinta.Contohnya latest project recently completed. "Motor is a name Fahmi Anshori, he was the same in Malang, East Java. Until now I had not at all meet directly with him. In fact this is the third motorcycle in the custom shop I lho, hehe, "said Gerrie. Motor is the original Yamaha Mio Sporty made in 2007 to deliver this workshop Geba in standard conditions. Coordination and design concept for the display is done via phone and email. "I used to get Fahmi, how free he was, from the riding position to the other details. I was exhausted gambarin deh motornya form of fiction after so later, I continue to send pictures via email "pillowslip Gerrie. "There are a couple of times a revision of the design that we koordinasiin. After everything has been okay and approved, we kerjain project, "he added again.

The concept of Modern Semi Hi Tech is selected as the basic theme modification. This concept is translated to customize with a full body design that takes the basic idea of Yamaha Mio Soul, but developed further with reference scooter - scooter continental Europe. Rounded contours that tend to make motor gempal strengthened with impressive ground clearance with circumcision rewind position engine. Consequently impression gempal also appear at the same time sturdy dominate the view that padankan combined with various accessories.

On the front of the body, head lamp installed aftermarket in the middle of the water and scoop diapit by the motor makes impressive show sangar. Bonnet Pin accessories as seen fit menimpali impression sangar earlier. At the helm, the product taken from the handlebar Yamaha X1 is also the custom to be higher and accompanied by the speedometer owned Yamaha vino. Visor product Geba Leisure Parts and spy Koso GT model installed cleanly and sweeten the front view. Impressions from the hi tech pengaplikasian GPS installed cleanly on the left handlebar. In order not to disrupt the concentration in driving, the GPS is able to "explain" the direction you want to go with a voice that is quite clear.

Move to the side and the middle body, visible accessories prominent enough, that is outside the frame that is chrome dilapis so impressive contrast with the colors of Candy Tone Red Spies Hecker plated vernis Doff chosen to whitewash sekujur body. In addition to accessories, outside the frame is also functional as a "home" for the rear lights sein. In addition, the iron that has been the custom in such a way is also to be able to confirm the impression that you want to knit displayed.

There is one thing that CATCHING eye in the middle of the motor, namely pengaplikasian audio video system. Subwoofer Altec brand tubular middle section that is modified in such a way to be able to accommodate the existence of the 80GB Video iPod is connected without the sweet aesthetic modifications. "Fahmi love Hear the music and watching movies. Hence we pasangin audio video, "call Gerrie.

Switch to the stern that looks sexy, to meet the completeness of the vehicle as well as enhance your appearance, brake lights dicomot of aftermarket products that are compatible with a rounded body contours. "What more back again, we agree to masang sissy bar sudahUntuk affairs foot-feet, Gerrie velg apply the width to the 5 inch and 6 inch front to back. "Masangnya nggak ribet kok. The shock front of the triangle in its custom, continued its bottom-up (shock) Posh. The back of a (shock) YSS Classic, "said Gerrie concerning the installation and velg Suspensi in this motor. Color velg about it, he explains, "Velg its first in the chrome, new dicat tone candy red. Anodized become tearful. "

The left engine standard, only the open air filter, customize the cover and the engine cooling fan pengaplikasian brand aftermarket exhaust Koso.
For finishing, all replaced with Emblem Emblem custom labeled Shafira Matic. Shafira own name is taken from the name of beloved children Fahmi is currently sitting in the SD!

Well, as mentioned previously, if the work in accordance with the hobby, the resulting output would also be maximum. Because the work is generally done with a vengeance. For example the project modifications Shafira this Matic. Nice work!

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