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Colleagues Milys entire archipelago and the world, with this News Milys want to announce one of the achievements that have been achieve by one of our colleagues who recently joined the chapter in West Jakarta and have introduced themselves with a nickname Michael, has been achieved as First Champion Modifications in the race events back to Year 3 Thunder Riders Community that has been held on Saturday, 26 April 2008 yesterday.

Change from the top, in lansir from the short message received by a journalist Milys of oom Fahly, after the previous contact Michael oom own, in contekan can change the specification as follows:

* Footwashing-foot change in the original foot-GSX 400 feet overall
* Tank Bodi and replaced with the original body tank and Yamaha R6
* The lamp in front of the original change to the front of the Yamaha Mio
* The change in the original stern with stern REVO (REVO Tiger either Honda or Toyota REVO version poultry, not to get clarification from the source of information, red.)
* The lamp in the back of the original change to the GSX Diamond
* And change that are likely not complete if it does not seem to see the original form of the Yamaha Scorpio Champion Modifikasi this.

We say goodbye to Michael for the oom who hav

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