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Yamaha offers now the red color for its 2010 MY of the V Max sport cruiser. There is no technically modification. But this bike really makes everybody appreciates of its performance. Equipped with a 1.7-litre, 200 horsepower engine and combined with the latest Yamaha technology such as YCC-T and YCC-I; the V Max is really the best performance cruiser. It passes 100km/h from 0 km/h in just 2.66 seconds and it “eats” quarter-mile (400m) in less than 10 seconds. Balancing its performance Yamaha has given the sport cruiser fully adjustable suspension and Brembo brakes with ABS.
Yamaha V Max (2010) is priced at US$19,500. It is more expensive than the 2009 model at US$18.000. But the beast can give an awesome experience of riding the road kings such as the Kawasaki ZX-14 and Suzuki Hayabusa.YAMAHA V MAX 2010YAMAHA V MAX 2010YAMAHA V MAX 2010
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