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modif yamaha F1ZR underbone mataram

If comprehension is in charge behind the scenes, Tunner, based in the region Banyu Urip Surabaya, then we nodded.modif yamaha F1ZR underbone mataram The reason, he is one of the tuners, known as the dragster reliable printer Surabaya. Call it Rovino Senjaya, Hafid Chandra and Yuyut. Jockey-famous jockey that never felt the least if the hand of the Tunner these creations.

Problem-owned motor korekan single origin of Mataram, this duck-like motor korekan underbone make championed while in the arena karapan. Kop cylinder must be cut about 4.5 mm below the dome squishnya formed 14 degrees according to the roof carrying the oversized piston 100.

"The size piston diameter 52 mm," said Handoko. Gap rinse disilinder refined combustion chamber is about 1.5 mm so that the flow of fresh gas into the combustion chamber more smoothly.
Material supply is critical to the performance of the engine room a perfect fuel. As a result karbu pointed Keihin PJ 38 which part dalemannya crammed following main jet pilot jet 145 38.

For Yamaha electric system innate F1Z-R is recognized not meet the criteria of the engine compression. The result CDI, Magnet and coil took Daytona directly imported products from Japan.

Acceleration growing steadily after the tooth ratio of modif yamaha F1ZR underbone mataram
dikreatifi with congenital Force 1. The results for teeth 1, 2 and 4 bike team AM Speed is a 14/30 tooth wear, tooth 2 use a 18/27 and 22/22.

"That is the key to the success of penetrating 8.9 seconds," said Andre-R owner F1Z Yamaha Mataram origin. While still in research stage but Handoko sure, for he wore a 13-35 sprocket. | Cand

Spec modif yamaha F1ZR underbone mataram modification:
CYLINDER HEAD: kepras 4,5 mm, Cylinders: std, PISTON: Oversize 100, COIL: Daytona, CDI: Daytona, exhaust: Custom, DENTAL RATIO I: 14/30, II: 18/27, IV: 22/22,

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