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modif honda tiger karbu moge, Innovation and research into key absolute consistency in the increase Horse Power (HP) racing dragbike. Not negotiable if you do not want left behind from the competitors. As well as that conducted tuner Danang Wahyudi, usually called Danang Chakra at Tiger fight in the Sport 4 No Tune Up to 200 cc flagged Omah team Joglo (OJ) Alifka and dibesut dragster Eko Chodox experienced full achievement.
Investigation otre, currently applied karbu gambot Mikuni TMR 34 which claimed more gahar when lap down and bursts of power in the moment of the top-speed road continues aka not just shout.
"This marks 750 years carburetor moge GSXR 2004. We have 4 pieces and after a match-case tested. It is equipped karbu TPFC performance. In essence, the fuel supply when akslerasi more responsive, "said Dana chakra re modify the intake-manifold Tiger becomes larger, also the mechanical forces of Honda road race Tunas Jaya Federal Oil.

"When compared with the performance Keihin PJ venturi same diameter, TMR proved more violent," said Eko Chodox who live in Semarang. Support the performance of TMR 34, made of compression ratio 14: 1 in which the cylinder block dipapas headcylinder and each 2 mm and 1.5 mm.
Still in the same context, adoption of Neo-Tech piston oversized 50 (63 mm) whose construction is more innate than the original cenong Tiger. So better in creating an active gas pressure into the combustion chamber.
modif honda tiger karbu moge, Significant camshaft that functions as a traffic regulator fuel has a high duration of 270 degrees. More details, valve-in opening and closing time before and after TDC (Top Dead Point) and TMB (Bottom Dead Point) are in the figure of 30 degrees and 60 degrees. Then dump valve on a combination of 61 degrees and 29 degrees.

"The issue of character is created, energy evenly at all levels of engine RPM. Living takes courage just beginning to start and jockey shift gears with the RPM above the average of the other fighter, "he said.
Dana also designed the corner LSA (Lobe Separation Angle) at 105 degrees and re-mix ratio I, II, III is more severe, moderate V, VI lighter. Results specials, kudapacu has a best-time 7.8 seconds in 201 meters track menu. | Ogy
More information regarding the measures to improve the transfer process acceleration, then use house-clutch mochin Hercules. Certainly not the origin selected. There are logical reasons. "It is equipped with a per-clutch as many as five pieces, while Tiger is only four. Effects generated during tooth movement does not occur skid, "said Dana Chakra, which is quite long had a working relationship with Habibi, slang is called Kepet, commander of the team Omah Joglo (OJ).

On the other hand, re-coupling also faces made. "Created to 5 layers of the original four seeds so that a pause time of transfer gears shorter. Distribution of power more effectively, "added mechanical lathe orsi magnet until the remaining 800 grams and are not confident using a balancer. | Ogy

Modif modif honda tiger karbu moge spec:
PISTON: Neo Tech O / S 50, the valve: Honda Maestro (33 mm/27 mm) Carburetor: Mikuni TMR 34, MAIN JET: 125, PILOT JET: 35, CDI: BRT (Bintang Racing Team), exhaust: Chakra Motorsport FINAL GEAR: 13-38 (201 M).

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