Yamaha BW’s 125 Skuter Offroad

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Automatic motor development in Indonesia has grown quite rapidly, in the year 2010 alone this sector increased 52% over the previous year, even by 2010 automatic successfully mastered 47% of the national motorcycle market. In 2011, motor matik predicted would leave the increased distance and leave the ducks and sport models. Seeing the trend of exceptional growth matik, Honda was well aware of this condition by utilizing poured a lot of variants in this sector, the results are fantastic, an increase of 80%. Well how about Yamaha? Manufacturers in Indonesia seemed stingy in poured automatic new, but different when outside the country who have many variants of motor matik, one of which is the Yamaha BW's 125 (in Europe) or a Yamaha Zuma (Japan) Yamaha BW's 125 carrying the engine 4-stroke SOHC 125cc , water-cooled fuel injection, the engine is a development of Yamaha Vino 125. Injection scooter is claimed to lower exhaust emissions and fuel economy. With a gallant display using a large all-terrain tires 12-inch, short wheelbase, solid tires grip power, control systems are comfortable, large and equipped berbodi dual shock absorbers in the rear, this bike was asked as a suitable off-road motorcycles in all fields both city streets and pave offroad.Motor started in England in April 2010, with 2499 sold for 34.81 million pound sterling or worth. With a unique form of large round headlamps stupid model, this model could be a new trend in ground water scooter, so-so this made the development of new automatic Yamaha to replace Soul's target share kosmo guy, but certainly if produced here and have some adjustments so the price can be calculated fair, let alone Honda was ready to bring the automatic off-road, Honda Ruckus in Southeast Asia. If the manufacturer Yamaha are not aggressive in the market flushed automatic, then the manufacturer would tetanggapun easily mengtakeover Yamaha automatic market. So, dare Yamaha nenerapkan blue ocean strategy in Indonesia?

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