Yamaha SZ-R With SOHC 153cc Engine

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Yamaha SZ-R

On Monday, January 17, 2011 Yamaha Motor India yesterday launched a Yamaha SZ-R, the latest variant of the Yamaha SZ Series comes first Brojol in August 2010. With a macho and sporty design of this motor is ready to compete with other competitors, especially the host manufacturer Bajaj and TVS. This motor carries 153cc SOHC engine that produces maximum power 12.1 ps at 7500 rpm with torque of 12.8 Nm at 4500 rpm with the transmission of teeth 5 percepatan.Yamaha SZ-R is its sporty version of the SZ-X, the difference of which is buried in the wheel disc brakes front, spedometernya more sporty, light seinnya nodes, exhaust cover, a sporty and airscoop headlampnya made larger tank, but when observed closely similar to the Honda Tiger airscoopnya here .... wah so trendsetternya motor sports in India then? Again, the manufacturer of the wing flaps so inspirasikah ... after the Revo 100cc and tail CS1 ...: mrgreen: One more in fuel consumption, this motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha claimed fuel economy, this motor can run up to 55 miles just by drinking 1 liter of fuel.

Well one more who make a scene, in India sono motor is priced at 55,500 rupees, or about Rp 11 million. Suppose again YMKI would bring this bike in Indonesia with headlamp design here and priced at 16-17 million then it is definitely more YMKI stick nails in motor sport segment, by placing it under the Yamaha motorcycle Byson and upgrade Vixion be ready for New R15 new champion New Honda CBR150R the 150cc class sport segment easily gripped, similar to Honda's strategy in automatic so ... Well now returned to YMKI, if outside of the manufacturer Yamaha sono diligently laying here why so stingy when really the biggest contributor wrote YMKI Yamaha ... Hopefully will clean up after facing an increasingly tight competition so as to create a conducive climate of competition and ultimately consumers will benefit

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