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MODIF HONDA VARIO BIG REDgambar modifikasi honda vario
Modifications big matic increasingly mushrooming in Eastern Indonesia. As a special presented on this page, specially covered abis about skubek berbodi vario gambot.

Preceded changes in skubek Aji Satria owned, rider Honda Vario 2006. Residents on Jl. Gajah Mada, Ponorogo, East Java, choose a theme modification Japanese big-matic.

â € œBig matic can be seen from the addition and installation of body kits all over his body. Not only that, the framework and also legs extended follow-up. Medium Japanese elements appear in the installation sticker and handlebars RoboCop, â €? Satrio added.

The most obvious alteration condensed on the front tebeng. Where this section is not just happening enlargement, but also there is the addition of the Honda Airblade house lights from Thailand that is still one manufacturer with the modif Vario.

Adjust rombakan tebeng front, the back was not immune from change. No doubt Satrio who entrust home modifications Garage Modified (GM), then enlarge the dimension of the section by making pundukan in the middle of the landing of the original blank.

â € œKarena no additional body kit in the back tebeng and center, the original order had been extended about 10 cm.

I'll look sweet or not so empty, wind fin on the body of Honda Supra X 125 installed, â €? added the man who claimed to have spent about USD 25 million fund.

Middle body kit which is part of an additional alteration, mounted parallel to the original Honda Vario central body that can be seen from the fins. So that the true identity that has been modified motors is not lost or displaced.

The most radical destruction was evident in the stern. Where the original body Vario finer semok actually be more contrived. Hence by Satrio, replaced rear brake light lamp shell Honda GL-Pro. Well, not danger that?

Body aligned front, rear given an additional box on the right side. Even the rear stirrup also has joined a big contrived. Multipurpose besar.Kaki Adjust-Leg

If the body is gambot but the legs are still small, certainly sees strange. In this section are not silenced by the owner Satrio mounts. Thus, this sector still needs no adjustment.

Suppose the front suspension. Robocop-style handlebar variety that became the hallmark tongkorngan Japanesse, suspended upside down LHK shock absorbers filled with a custom rim width 4 inches. Even ciet devices, also had to rely on Nissin master brake discs clamped LHK.

Who's behind the back wheels of 25 cm, filled with 8-inch custom rims and damped suspension WP Fusion. This section also is equipped with disc brakes, which still mengandalan the same product. (

Machines for: Honda CBR150
Front tire: 120/70-14 Delitire
Rear tire: 140/70-14 Delitire
Audio: Sea_Bus
TV: Super Flast 7 inches
Cover as: Yoshimura

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