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In addition to the city of Malang and Roxburgh, the concept of yamaha mio big-matic was also demonstrated by the modifier Denpasar, Bali. Made Digawanagi Ambara Suarjaya, Yamaha Mio Soul have cultivated a wide body resembles a basic automatic big cc Yamaha products.

â € œKonsep earlier taken from the motor matik Yamaha Majesty a memorable luxurious and exclusive. Then dikembangkanke sporty direction without leaving the original theme, namely automatic berbodi great, â €? M1 service station owner said on Jl. Muliawan Mountain East, Denpasar, Bali.

modifikasi yamaha mio Matic big impression can be seen from the front. Because that's what characterizes Majesty that now more sporty. Reshuffle was not too bothered, because the main light only rely on the lamp shell copotan from Yamaha Nouvo Z.

Other adjustments also occur in tebeng front. Kawasaki Ninja 250R Visor property which is above the headlights, the new tebeng of mold was reinforced fiber material. Uniquely, the section was affixed to the LED which when lit will be read M1.

Still on the visor, there is a little improvisation in the mirror. If the original Majesty rearview mirror on the handlebars, the Mio is positioned in the cover body. He said the hell inspired a number of proven results moge okay too.

As a counterweight tebeng front that has been enlarged, the back did not escape the change. By Made who at that time joined the event in Bali One Heart Contezt Modification 2010, October, Mio Soul has an audio component in the form of 2 pieces subwoofer and speakers and head unit. As a result, the first champion class audio perform successfully disabet.

For the business was left to the standards body behind. There is only the addition of body kit on the deck above the seat boncenger also compared to the previous change. Likewise, an additional foothold above the landing also on the rear deck.

Affairs stern, Made explain if the rear wheels slightly pushed back. He said he put part-retreat retreat variations which have a length of about 15 cm. Quasi-automatic bekalang holder top and bottom must be made the new adapter to support both pretentious.

Initially these mounts chromed plastic on the entire body of Soul. Now thanks to the tricks and the selection of paint and varnish fitting, on arable Made, just use a solid red paint all over his body.

While the effect intended by giving sentukan slick chrome. The touch was the focus in some sections, especially the wings and body center. modifikasi yamaha mio big sporty As for the final coating, Made to feel more comfortable if you choose the brand of DuPont. (

Rims: Custom 14-inch
Tires: 120/70-14 and 140/70-14 Delitire
Airs next: Upside down Variations
Sok back: YSS classic
Muffler: ZOX
Footstep: Bungbon
Lever brakes: Brembo
Handlebars: Custom

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