Modifikasi Honda PCX 125 cc 2011 Thailand

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Modifikasi Honda PCX 2011 Thailand
As the name implies, PCX Honda 125 which stands for "Personal Comfort Xaloon" certainly offers a skubek classy comfort with elegant style. But what would happen if the concept was transformed so elegantly futuristic racing?

The result as can be seen in the work of home modifications Ride It from Thailand. Ride It, producers familiar variation in Indonesia is so confident display honda PCX eksteemnya Honda concept.

From the screen that is used alone was seen grim, red blend of black and white makes it look sporty. What is unique is pepaduan legs. Telescopic front suspension does not rely on conventional, but use the swing arm model and is equipped with YSS suspension tube model.
Who's behind, Ride It backed the rear wheels by adding an adapter, the stakes should be removed rear fender. Medium rear suspension remain faithful to the YSS. But what use is a model without the tube.

Data Modification honda PCX 125:
Front suspension: Ride It
Rear suspension: Ride It
Rims: Custom
Decal: Ride It
Seat: Ride It

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