Yamaha TZR50 2011 Review

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Yamaha TZR50 2011

Yamaha TZR50 see figure is sure to be deceived. Fairingnya sturdy, the legs wide and distinctive blue racing Yamaha racing in Moto GP, WSBK until Motocross divert us on the engine which was only 50cc!
Yamaha TZR50 2011
TZR50 Yamaha engine used only a single cylinder 50cc 2tak. No wonder if the machine is already equipped with water-cooled or radiator, the power just 2.6 Dk. To make it still manages to run, Yamaha to make a 6-speed transmission. But matters of style, not for granted! Entry-level motor sport is more than enough. Just look fairingnya, have split the light like a Yamaha R1. Terraces and stern seat that can carry a pillion section comfortably.
Yamaha TZR50 2011
Deltabox chassis combined sobraker telescopic front and monoshock at the rear wheels. Peleknya wide with a design similar beam Yamaha YZF R125. The size of any special tires, 110/80-17 front and 130/70-17 rear. Larger than the size of tire Yamaha Byson! Features disc brakes in front and rear wheels have become the standard. Likewise with the indicator panel which blend digital and analog design supposedly inspired the Yamaha R1.

Want to know the price? Do not be surprised ya ... In Italy, this bike sold 3249 Euro or about Rp 41.3 million!

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