Modifikasi Scorpio 2011 to YZF 450

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Modifikasi Scorpio 2011 to YZF 450
When invited to talk about supermoto, dr. Rudy Cahyono is so enthusiastic and spirit really. All things supermoto smelling memorized by rote. Do not be surprised if Rudy was an admin and operator of websites that peeling of supermoto.
Modifikasi Scorpio 2011 to YZF 450
To symbolize the love of supermoto, he finished Destroy Yamaha Scorpio vehicles daily. The concept is modeled keukeh Yamaha YZF-450 Supermoto.

"In addition it looks like the YZF-450, also adjust the motor base that I have. Let the concept of modification is not off the mark and the brand fit, ie Yamaha," said Marine Capt.-ranking member of the Armed Forces of this.

The dominance of work was happening in the sector framework. To get the alias wheelbase wheelbase like the YZF-450 measuring 147 cm, Rudy did the marriage of two frames. Namely, the framework built by property Scorpio original YZF-450.

"Framework of the original YZF-450, published in 2004 is the result of my hunting in a few stores and sellers of motor attributes SE in Indonesia," he added.

Rudy raping an all-out original order Scorpio. This minus bespectacled man down, leaving only the bottom frame tube alias. Incidentally in this section also has chassis number, might as well let me not violate the rules down tube is maintained. "Further down tube combined order YZ. The result of all the desired size directly obtained from the merger of two of this order," he explained.

Thus, direct rake angle changed to 27 ยบ. And to distance the machine with the land acquired under the figure of 30 cm. After having installed the 17-inch rims and tires wrapped Continental 120/70-17 front and 180/55-17 for rear seat sector, namely the desired height of 90 cm can tercapai.Rudy lot of experience when setting up the swing arm dilemma. Men living in the complex AL, Kenjeran, Surabaya is already applying the arm's YZ-450 SE. And Rudy would put the rear rim which has a width of 5 inches. Sure will not fit if it is forced to accommodate the rim.

Direct bold decision taken. Arm is forced to be more tenuous. "The trick with the heated welding. When in hot conditions is direnggang little by little to have a width as desired. This is the work of trial and error," told you frankly.

At the time of finishing, Rudy also add a motif that mimics the limited edition YZF graphic style and dominated by yellow color. Emang similar result, Bro!

Machine Upgrade

Because the body's weight, engine performance need to be increased capacity. No half, Scorpio's engine capacity of 223 cc direct dibore ups to go up to 360 cc. Rudy had shoved the car piston owned Honda Accord Maestro.

Then for the waste channel, had made a new exhaust neck. "Only then terminated silencers KTM 450," proud Rudy
Front rim: 3.50 TK X17
Rear rim: TK 5.00 X17
Airs next: Yamaha YZF 250
Sok back: Yamaha YZF 250
Rudy: (031) 71885920

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