Modifikasi Yamaha MIo 2005 Denpasar Go Green

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Yamaha Mio is a glimpse imagine a tree snake that had a characteristic green color. It's also because the chosen design was changed completely and looks to be the beast that is ready to attack the opponent. Though the concept of time of manufacture to the racing look, there was no intention to include elements of flora and fauna at all.

Even the modifier was surprised after so. "We designed it with the intention of racing look that different than just the drag force, er actually turn out like this," chortled Made Ambara, famous modifier from Denpasar, Bali.

Snake form was unimaginable because now form the handlebars and shell lamps that is completely different. "Soknya using the product variety and more contrived upright position," said the man was fat.

Then in the top elected copotan lamp Yamaha Tiara. "After that little shell is formed, so the more mysterious with different grooves, eventually was memorable as a head," he added.

The next process continues into the body. Almost the entire body is regenerated with the benchmark does not damage the frame. "Only memapas little behind, because like the body is shorter than the original," said the man was carrying the flag of the M1 this Modification.

Some parts of the body hole. For example the body side. "If that is to support the concept of racing before, so give enough air to cool the engine. Although the engine is still standard but this is pure fashion only," he said again.

Not only that, exactly next to the body under a lot of curvature komstir remade. "If this little mimic the composition of the rib," said a fan of this seafood. To be more assertive outs, given the effects of black and white screen that looks like a real bone shaft.

Finally, so that the snake was impressed lean and agile, selected variations of the model drag handlebars. "This design is fast and agile snakes give birth and shiny," said the owner of the shop on Jl. Mountain East Muliawan No. 15x, Denpasar. UNIQUE speedometer

There's something unique in these times Ambara Made creations. Namely in the form of the speedometer of his choice. Ogah mekakai product variations, Made choose custom from the motor mass circulation.

"Using the original had a Jupiter-Z, then dicustom to look more futuristic," he said. It was transformed into harmony with the body because it seemed sturdy.

In addition, harmonization impression fast or racing you want to appear before trying to do with the installation of double discs in front and one behind. "To drum using a Ninja, it's easy because now also been wearing a ring of 17 inches," cuapnya.

Options exhaust all impression was reinforced earlier. (

Tires: 90/80-17 Blackstone
Rims: TK
Drum: Ninja
Handlebars: Custom
Muffler: AHRS
Airs: YSS
M1: 0819-9927-1555

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