Bajaj Discover 125 DTSi 2011 Motor Sport

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Bajaj Discover 125 DTSi 2011

Bajaj Discover 125 DTSi 2011 Motor Sport Auto in India has recently launched a new model Bajaj Discover 125 DTSi version 2011. Motor sport is economical concept, economical in terms of price and economical operating costs.

Nah believe? in India, the price is only 45,500 rupees, or about Rp 8.8 million for the variant without the disc brakes on front wheels. Medium that has been equipped with disc brakes released 48,000 Rupees or equivalent to Rp 9.3 million. Cheap right!

Terrible, Bajaj claims to one liter of gasoline can be used to travel 82.4 kilometers. Claim this fuel consumption can be achieved by a single cylinder 125cc engine.

Upright cylinder engine is already adopted the technology DTSi (Digital Twin Spark-Ignition), which has two spark ignition timing tengan different. The device which was patented by Bajaj and have been used in all the line up this model is believed to improve combustion and saving fuel.

Bajaj Discover 125 DTSi 11 claimed to have maximum power and torque of 10.8 Nm Dk. Considerable power is able to bring this geeky-looking motor run up to 100 km / hour. Pretty tight too ya!

In addition, features like rear suspension with Nitrox gas, electric starter tripmeter to become his standard completeness. Bajaj Discover 125 DTSi 2011 Motor Sport If sold in Indonesia at not want to buy? (

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