Modifikasi Yamaha Xeon 125 by Dumasari Kawahara (DK)

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Modifikasi Yamaha Xeon 125 by Dumasari Kawahara (DK)gambar modifikasi yamaha xeon 125
What would happen if the iron horse competition that is technically strong, but fitted bulldoze right-left corner of asphalt stuck? This event on the Yamaha Xeon 125 ridden Eldest Shiva from Dumasari team Kawahara (DK), Jakarta.

"Happens, motor baseball could fall maximum. Had one fall, fortunately not Eldest papa, "beber Bayu Putera, chief mechanic who worked on yamaha Xeon DK 125.

According to Bayu, Yamaha Xeon 125 have potential for much faster. Technically, the machine is considered a character who easily made racing. But, the problem in certain parts which inhibit Xeon maneuvers on the track.

The left side, precisely under the cover of CVT is considered too large. Because of the greatness, the bottom lid CVT so very low compared to a Yamaha Mio.

"See ya ex friction. Knee baseball nikung time racers get to touch the asphalt. Finally, at the corner of baseball can be faster, "Bayu explained that his shop is in the Coffee Cottage, East Jakarta.

To the right, also prevents exhaust motorcycle cornering angle. Exhaust pipe mass product so simple problem that would interfere with each racer in the corner Xeon bend handlebars.

"If the CVT cover still easily change. Live cut underneath. Well, the exhaust pipe tekukannya form must be changed, meaning the character power can also be changed. Dizziness again tuh nyetingnya, "Bayu sure that still bachelor.

Problem fixed either side of baseball is no obstruction menaikin podium for Eldest. Eldest-4 position to the 130 class in the Indonesian Open tuneup Matic Super Race, 2010, 4th series, Malang, East Java, last Sunday. Had baseball stuck? Mentor On the nozzle and Roller

Problem fixed right-left, there are more enhancements. Bayu same choice was made dizzy pilot-jet nozzle and roller gives a chance for down time on the track series IV, Indonesia Super Matic Race, Malang, East Java. Trek along the 600 meters with a combination of 8 corners so the problem for yamaha Xeon 125.

"Nah proportion. Use standard size-jet pilot, continues, dirojok disposable gas cable, "said Bayu who rely Mikuni TM carburetors 28.

Roller size baseball was no choice. Fair aja aftermarket roller has not sold for Xeon. "Terpaksaroller standard 10 grams of congenital motor reduced so 5.5 grams," said Bayu.

Fortunately, a mixing machine fitted. Piston forging and boring replaced with conventional materials. Piston diameter of 53.5 and boring steel material as a substitute.

Front tire: 80/90-14 Indotire
Rear tire: 80/90-14 Indotire
Muffler: Kawahara K3
Intake: zero
Puly: Kawahara custom

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