Saline Bird Concept Sport Bike

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Saline Bird Concept  Sport Bike

The Saline Bird Concept is really a concept bike created by five design students - Charles-Edouard Berche, Ugo Spagnolo, Adrien Fuinel, Frederic Dobbelstein and Jean-Philippe Paries - in the ISD of Valenciennes (France) like a design exercise for his or her 2010-2011 final project. The bike continues to be designed like a race bike for that "Les Triplettes de Bonneville" and obtain sits inspiration in the form of a skier because he flies down the slope.

The Saline Bird Concept is powered with a compressed air engine fed by three air tanks having a total capacity of 27 liters. It sits on the carbon fibre frame with leather skin parts instead of the traditional body panels. This leather skin could be slipped off and on "like a sock" to be able to switch between body panels or no one panels. The bike could be converted into a road model by replacing the handlebar.

Technical partners from the project include MDI (engine), LUXFER (air tank), and BRM.

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