Ferarri Vs Ducati Dukes In the New Jersey

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FERRARI VS DUCATI , Are on July 13, the south of fly of Dukes in the New Jersey Motorsports parked to test and settle the historical question of what is faster around the way? Motor bikes or cars? To answer this question, three cars of challenge of Ferrari will take with the way, led by the personnel by universal Autosports. Just after this race, a series of professional instructors and the runners of Ducati will carry out an identical contest controlling the balls of Bologna. The bicycle and the car superiors of top of each series will then compete with head with head, to see which should gain the crown.

NJMP will be open of public for packing, and you can even bring your own bicycle to the way, and have a certain hour of way in yourself. More on that after the jump. Boils of hat with Howard.


CUPERTINO, CALIF (on June 18, 2009) - Ducati North America is excited to announce to the day of the south of way of the first annual fly Dukes , who will be held on July 13 with the park of Motorsports of New Jersey.

The south of fly of Dukes is the principal event of the North-East of the Ducati United States for the summer. The event will be a great opportunity of testing the quiver of the racecourse like Ducati and the school of penguin; the school roadracing of the oldest motor bike of the nation. The school of penguin will have an aligned special personnel so that this event provides the instruction of higher level and the entertainment of best quality. The event is open riders of street of all the levels and available to the riders on made motor bike.
The culminating points of the event include:

Truck of Ducati Hypermotard - this bottom of page of tractor places Ducati Hypermotards on which turns of instruction and demonstration will be provided all the day. The truck will be the sourcilleux place for gifts of product, a better contest of Bike of `, turns of test, and a conference of suspension. Red Bull cold will be available throughout the day to maintain riders activated.

Larry Pegram - the rider of Ducati AMA Superbike of factory will have in hand to celebrate its recent victory with the America road. Larry will be available for autographs and a special session of questions and answers about its Ducati 1098 R Superbikes.

Showdown of Ferrari-Ducati - to assert a showroom filled of pre-owned Italian sport scars such as Ferraris, Maseratis and Lamborghinis; Universal Autosports is host centre with a personnel strongly tested with the exotic cars of road and race. Universal Autosports brings three cars of challenge of Ferrari which will run on the way, which will compete with the ones against the others for the fastest covering. Just after the hot competition of covering, the instructors and the professional runners of Ducati will reflect this contest on Ducatis. The driver of car of challenge and the rider of Ducati with the fastest coverings will go head to head in a race all or nothing.

Experiment of way:

This single event combines one day the sure and comfortable environment of way with the occasion for the individual instruction for riders with each level. Two of the three groups of goes up will have to pass from the restrictions, leading to a comfortable place to go up for all the participants.

It will on occasion sufficient for the instruction there, and a rider can take part in as many classes as they will want. Classes will be offered between the sessions of horsemanship covering with the matters like the line choice, making strategy the corner, techniques of braking, analyzes making the corner speed, position of body, installation of bicycle and more.

The event will also offer the individual instruction for riders; what combined with great food, an exposure of bicycle, and a shooting of photographer of way does all

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