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Harley Davidson nova Although HD are known to produce the elegant lazy bicycles of Life style of `, its step very famous for the bicycles advanced for technologically of `until the VRSCA or the V-Stem came in the image. Even the V-Stem breaks the very small technological ground compared with the bicycles of its competitors overseas. But for a file, moment shining in the Seventies, Harley rested carried balances some to blow the roof in addition to motor bike market-and its own reputation as manufacturer of heavy, technically little sophisticated product-with a new model of dazzling actuated by V-4 water-cooled, nova called.HARLEY DAVIDSON NOVA That it obtained last the stage of prototype forever is another matter completely, but HD was and is very always little laid out to discuss about the nova until after the years of the constant, harassing of good composition by the American rider, the history came in the world. Five prototypes of nova are still collected together in a place in the factory of Milwaukee. Per hour of the nova of the design of S, Harleys were actuated by large-annoy, the engines with long race and slow-revving of stem pusher. Healthy Harley in a good state of air could record 50 powers in horses on a dynamometer of back-wheel. HARLEY DAVIDSON NOVAThe plethora of short-race, water-cooled, the engines of expenses general-cam which the competition of overseas would start thereafter were always right a gleam in their originators of the eyes. But in 1976 Harley put in the movement a plan to be conceived and to produce a radically new family of the motor bikes actuated by a series of engines which would incorporate all these modern devices. and would produce up to 135 powers in horses

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