Mew Kasawaski KSR Superbike 2011

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Since reported by PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI), Kawasaki KSR iron horse is obviously not normal. Posture mini Supersports steady and pleasant, aggressive and powerful and looks cool bike that provides comfort for the rider to conquer the streets in urban areas. Attendance Kawasaki KSR for KMI become a trendsetter and a pioneer of new Japanese branded mini supermoto first in the country.
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Different sensation in the back so nyemplak this  Kawasaki KSR  motorcycle. Mini body dimensions as high as 1.020mm directly sinkhole load following rider. This performance advantage thanks to the front suspension Up-Side Down and rear UNITRAK hallmark of Kawasaki. There is no doubt with the posture of Indonesia which have an average height of 150-160cm.

With wide handlebars 750 mm and 42 ˚ angle to the left and right make the motion more freely. Walking the streets of urban helpful maneuver force, the position was relaxed and comfortable sitting. The width of the handlebars do not interfere when we snuck in a traffic jam the capital. Roads that varied in Jakarta as if to give himself and experience the real meaning when Kawasaki KSR enter the narrow alleys.

Sporty Design Dashboard, is the motor viscous characteristics of adventure combined with a sporty appearance speedometer design and trendy, adds confidence to be driven by the speed high. Similarly, for front and rear lights add a Stylish keyakinanberkendaraan night. "Motorcycles are unique and have a taste sensation in both road and light off-road tracks are very popular in Thailand", clearly Freddyanto Basuki, Manager of Marketing & Promotions Department - PT KMI .
not shift back dikecepatan an average of 55 kpj although rear & front wheel diameter of 12 inch (90/100). We prove this when cornering ditikungan in Kemayoran, Jakarta centers. Slim and compact body design combined with engine 4-None of the cylinder capacity of 111cc SOHC no doubt. Produce maximum power 6.30 kW at 8.000rpm and 8.60 Nm of torque at 6.000rpm make steady pace in every round.
Kawasaki KSR was officially set price of Rp. 20.8 million On The Road with two choices typical of Kawasaki green and white color trend of today. Kawasaki My Pride.

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