Modifikasi honda Megapro 2011

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A design for a long time to keep the Modifikasi Honda megapro  for almost 2 decades to finally Astra Honda Motor Pro just throw the design of this model, clouds pro version to continue.
Modifikasi honda Megapro 2011

GL Pro model when this was finally the name of the GL model of food production 2 Pro Pro Pro 3-GL bermodel clouds.
Modifikasi honda Megapro 2011

Pay close attention to this model the appearance of the new plan was to feel happy with our form, but are close to us care more deeply, we also used the model of Modifikasi honda mega pro prior to use if we can feel a bit disappointed from the party machine and the space clouds were still the same GL Pro capacity was 156.7 cc with a few differences with the other component parties like speedmeter, before signing with the Pro light, front light et cetera, obviously, it was just another variant of the Honda engine (Tiger), as from. This could matter, such as the current engine modifiers was made​​, when we read or type tabloit or special journal Automotive Engine Plus, the normal matter like this was changed. Modifikasi Honda Megapro only change the clouds He was in favor of the manufacturer, and was not nearly the same technological innovation that can not.

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