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Suzuki Shogun AxeloRoad to Sulawesi 2011, Apart from Kalimantan, Sulawesi Island would be an excellent endurance test  Suzuki Shogun Axelo 125, this time in the canopy Suzuki Shogun Axelo 125 Cross Sulawesi.Start will be conducted on June 18, 2011dari page PT. Sinar Pratama Galesong Suzuki main dealer as Sulawesi region, and headed straight to the province of West Sulawesi through Maros, Pangkep, Pare-Pare until later in Mamuju, then the team will move towards the Central Sulawesi, Gorontalo to Manado
Suzuki Shogun AxeloRoad to Sulawesi
As a turning point for selanjutya return to Central Sulawesi and the last stage is Kendari, Kolaka, Palopo, Toraja, Wajo, Bulukumba, Gowa and finish in Makassar on July 2, 2011.
A total of 10 units Axelo Shogun 125 Suzuki Hayate accompanied by 2 units of 125. They will ride 12 rider main. Over the past 15 days Axelo Shogun Suzuki team will sail the exotic island of Sulawesi, with the distance of about 6478 km.
Suzuki Shogun 125 Axelo believed to provide comfort for the rider because it is designed as an ergonomic bike, in addition to having engine balancer technology that produces great performance and minimal engine vibration.
For additional information, iron horse is offered in 3 variants; Axelo, Axelo S and Axelo R. One interesting feature is inherent Aho or Automatic Headlight On - the main light directly illuminates when the vehicle is operated. Suzuki Shogun AxeloRoad to Sulawesi 2011

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