Modifikasi Yamaha Mio 2010 Drak Race

Posted by Erick Widyanto

Modifikasi Yamaha Mio 2010 Drak Race

Yamaha Mio Tomo's Speed ​​Shop (TSS) is never performed on stage as the fastest drag bike in Surabaya, East Java. When it's time record of 7.085 seconds lauched Saipul Cibef. But when at last Jogja 7.106 disemplak Tony Cupank automatic FFA champion class 2. Korekan mechanical Thailand has brought this new spec. "Like the buffalo that crutch already had a stroke 86 mm," explains the boss Tomo's TSS.

Combined with 69 mm piston LHK brand. "Become a cylinder capacity can be calculated, which is only 321 cc," said Tomo is indeed hypocritical light of his shop on Jl. Jago dam Raya, No. 6-7, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.
Cc cylinder capacity or owned Yamaha Mio Tomo's Speed ​​Shop (TSS) is indeed smaller. That is, if compared to Mio's Miekel Tjanjanto from MC Racing Champion 1. If MC's Yamaha Racing uses a piston diameter of 71 mm with a volume of 340 cc cylinder. While the TSS's only 69 mm diameter piston, the cylinder capacity of only 321 cc.Perbedaan diameter cylinder but not in a matter of piston stroke or step. Just use a crutch latest buffalo had a stroke 86 mm.

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