Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja Fasion Style

Posted by Erick Widyanto

Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja Fasion Style

Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja What do I Komang Putra somewhat different from most people. Men born in the island resort of Bali's alias prefer modifications fashion flow, rather than performance that often do this type of motorcycle owners. However ubahannya not just bolt-on fashion show, but also focus on the harmony of the display. That's because Komang choosing a paint color change on the motor. Komang even willing to equate motive airbrush on motorcycle-style helmet that carries the theme KYT tribal airbrush graphics.

"Usually the helmet to adjust the color hue motors are commonly done to others. But, I just paint the motor to adjust motifs and patterns that exist in the helmet. Unique right? For all colors and graphics created with helmets and baseball may be different, "Komang spirit while showing a helmet and bike.

Recognized process in the motor do the airbrush work for one and a half months. Cultivation took place at a friend's house. While waiting for the finished airbrush, Komang also took time to modify other parts. Like changing the brand X Race handlebars gold color that also follows a triangular Kitaco berkelir gold. Of course I'll tune!

"Because of its daily modif, the headlights will be retained. You do this by replacing the lamp angel eyes. As for the rear, replaced the original lamp LED model, "Komang story again.

Fortunately Komang had two sets of body. When the original diairbrush body, another body could be mounted and the motor can still be used. So, can still be brought to the workshop to pairs of other trinkets modif.

Data modification Kawasaki Ninja:

Depam Tires: 120/70-16 & Batllax
Rear tire: 180/55-16 Battlax
Master / calipers: Brembo 4 Piston R1
Throttle: Kitaco

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