Kawasaki New Ninja 250R 2013 Injeksi

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Kawasaki New Ninja 250R 2013 Injeksi
Kawasaki New Ninja 250R 2013 Injeksi. Location at the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Pacific Place (Ballroom 1A), Sudirman Center Business District (SCBD), Jakarta (01/08) formally PT. Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) released its newest product, New Kawasaki Ninja 250R.
It was conceived news Kawasaki Ninja 250R will release injectable version, even more government regulation of the Euro 3 who would not want to implement a supplier of fuel injection systems.
However, this time for the Kawasaki expertly hide the identity of this new bike. Unexpectedly, this bike is a total turnover. Not just a change of system suppliers with a carburetor fuel injection. But more than that, the sector body, engine, and the legs have revamping.
"It is an honor for Indonesia. Because the first place New product introductions Kawasaki Ninja 250R. For the principals, Indonesia to the attention of its own "clear Freddyanto Basuki.
Price is itself quite surprising! Expectations in the range of 55-60 million, was only released 49.9 million (OTR Jakarta) goods available September. While the ABS version released Rp 56.9 million (OTR Jakarta) if the stock is there in October. This is reasonable, because this is moge technology.
Freddy target every month sold 1800 - 2000 units. Target is calculated realistically, the article of previous generations are able to standardize the number of 1500 units per month. Highest in the world. This is what causes Kawasaki Heavy Industries memilh Indonesia as a prime launching spot. Production base in Thailand is still the same.

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