Modif Yamaha GT Soul, 2012

Posted by Erick Widyanto

PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) confirmed that Yamaha soul GT  is destined for the adam. Again reinforced by the presence of a modified version of this GT Soul. Masculine impression beraura try modif emitted by a typical muscle car Amrik.

"Through this modification, to emphasize the masculine side of the  Soul GT. Thus, the concept of the Camaro muscle car we tried terjermahkan in depth, "said Eko Prabowo, GM Promotion & Community YIMM.

The concept is applied, not merely a concept. But, indeed originated from one of the part which seemed to be an icon for the Soul of the GT. That is, the headlamp. Headlights that have a shape like a headlight in the Chevrolet (Chevy) Camaro Coupe, so the source of inspiration for the development modif done.

Baseball one as well if other than the Camaro, the concept car Transformers come to be a source of inspiration. Especially, from the character Bumblebee. That's because the GT Soul YIMM want to dub this modif The Monster.

Modif genre itself leads to the hot rod race. Thus, modifikasi Soul GT has a wheelbase that is more Rewind. In addition, the lowest distance to the ground made shorter. More long wheel base, which was reversed due to the engine. Retreat or withdraw life-better known link arm, the engine made more backward about 10 cm. This makes the overall dimensions of the legs seemed to grow longer.

But, besides pushed back, the engine also is shifted to the left side as much as 5 cm. Both of these are done because the rear wheels apply a wide rim. Rear rim wear a size 7 inches. Was the front rim, the application of 4 inches. Rim shape, is designed differently. That is, baseball is easy to find on the market. Wong is created it myself. Because the form of the latch to adjust the style of hot rod racing a stocky but dynamic look. Application 120/70-14 front tire and 160/70-14 rear. Simple but had a strong impression! This can be seen from the use of hood pins. You know, part of fasteners or hook the hood usually applied in race cars. Well, this part is also applied on the front cover of Soul GT.


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