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Honda Revo - the pint Astra Honda circulate in the car (AHM) the new released variable motor bike of animal (bebek) in Indonesia. Honda Revo which has a design to revolusionair projected to succeed behind Honda 'the market share of S which ensured by Yamaha. The large launching of this new bicycle to revolutionair was held in Melia de Gran of hotel, Jakarta, 20-4-07.
REVO comes with a stylish design and very attractive. The body is shown to give an impression that firm and sharp, and cause a modern and sporty character is very strong. Combination of sharp body lines and slim shape the very aerodynamics. Honda REVO akan in production in-Sunter Plant 1 and Plant 3-Cikarang, using the most up-to-date facilities manufakturing property AHM.

Executive Vice President Director AHM, Siswanto Prawiroatmodjo states that deliberately exclude a motorcycle 100 cc ducks in accordance with the consumer desire. Because 100cc engine reliability engines tested, durable, and economical, and already meet the Euro II standard. "With the aim of youth aged 20-25 years, AHM sales target 80 thousand units / month. Based on pehitungan we can achieve, and is expected to increase our market share, "he said.

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) targeting control motorcycle market this year only 50 percent of the total national market motorcycle, or down compared to years ago that control of market reached around 52 percent. "It was a realistic target we want to achieve this year. To the future we have plans on the rise, "said Marketing Director AHM Johannes Loman.

He estimates the market in 2007 motorcycles in Indonesia are on the range of 4.8 million to 5.0 million units and is able to remain optimistic AHM lead the market with a market share of 50 percent. Johannes Loman further states â € œkami not worry if some of this month in sales AHM less from competitors, but with the optimistic end of the year until the total AHM akan still lead the market. I do not see sales per month for months. We believe until the end of the year fixed number satu.â €?

One of the AHM to increase sales in April 2007 Honda REVO is launching a new course was launched with a 100cc engine mengusung.

As the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in Indonesia, AHM always want to satisfy customers taste, for the Honda REVO variants appear with 9 colors. 5 colors for type casting wheel (racing velg), Digital Silver, Glory Red, Yellow Flash, Sporty Blue and Sonic White. While for the type of spoke wheel (velg fingers) comes with 4 color variants, Winning Red, Active Blue, Royal Silver and Orange Mars.

REVO offered with the price of Rp. 12.9 million for type casting wheel, and Rp. 11.9 million for the type velg fingers (on the road price of Jakarta). All this will provide a new sensation to pengendaranya, who want to appear stylish and sporty.

Main features a revolutionary Views:

* Changes in the overall body design start from the middle and back cover, the front wing, front and rear muffler. Similarly, designs lighting front, rear and sein including feet and exhaust, all appear with the new design is casual and revolutionary.
* Display the new engine cover is impressive and very sporty rakish
* Design a new racing velg (casting wheel) berpalang 6

Meanwhile, some other equipment that is highly functional:

* Aki Free Care (Maintenance Free) which have better resistance
Secure Key * Shutter, locking the system so that a safe bermagnet reduce theft risk.
* U-box is very functional as a storage place for small items under the seat.

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