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In the preceding post, we say that Suzuki Skyware is a version of Indonesia de Suzuki Hayate in Thailand. Now, we will speak in Indonesia about this new review matic about Suzuki. Continue just!Suzuki consistency that would not just continue to change clothes. Including on the type of skubek. Offshore generation Spin 125, Suzuki hadirkan Suzuki Skywave 125 is far different with the preceding skubek. This sekalas Yamaha Nouvo or Honda Airblade.

Skywave berbodi more than bongsor Spin 125. Taste the luxury of more awakened. Industrial aroma combined with a smart futuristic spirit. Appear in the form of a hollow rigid and explicit details on each elbow. As in the coconut shell, around the key and the form of a coconut shell lamp. Meanwhile, the total design, aerodynamics dent showed that awakened taste futuristic thick.

In general, the Suzuki looks skubek lovers want to bridge the function and style fans. Skubek use that size tire ring 16, the approximate form of the duck is sweet in demand in the country. The function, skubek a 1.935 m long and 67 cm wide and 1.07 m high, the more freely will make the user through a variety of terrain. Kan rodanya are not only larger. But, in general, also more than gambot Spin 125.

Development of technology in the form of not only the outside. View only karburatornya. Although the same size have the Spin 125, karbu Skywave equipped with filters to filter the air before neddle valve. That meant that the incoming air to karbu really clean water.

Another design with the air filter outside of the carburettor ventury. Created gambot and exact position on the CVT. Physical effects, the overall form of a machine so gambot seen, in time with the form of total skubek. In fact, I was not part of the engine.

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