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The latest Ferrari motorcycle is still in the concept drawing stage and most likely, that is as far as it will ever get, but from an appearance and technology standpoint, it certainly looks like something the Ferrari factory could get behind.

UPDATE: A comment below by Mark notes Ferrari does not want their name attached to this motorcycle concept and told Amir to take it down from his site so I guess we’ll just call this a motorcycle concept based on an unknown company of Italian origin.Past “Ferrari Motorcycles” were usually theme choppers painted red with a Ferrari logo on the tank, though, Andreas Georgeades built at least one and according to some reports as many as three, actual motorcycles with engines from a Ferrari 308, making for an interesting bike and quite an eyeful with the transverse engine and exposed cam drive.

But what we have here, are concept drawings by Amir Glinik, who started with some Italian V12 pared down to V4 configuration and then slowly built up into the finished design. A lot of thought went into every aspect, including the multifunction hand controls modeled after the F16 throttle quadrant. Those controls, though, would have to be learned much like an F16 pilot learns to use his controls without thinking about it. Pausing to figure out what button or switch does what would be less than ideal.

Air intakes on the sides of the bodywork are active, varying the fin position to regulate and accelerate air flow as needed and even momentarily closing when high speed braking makes use of the extra drag.

The touch screen and information center on top of the motorcycle displays everything the rider needs to know as well as controlling suspension and drive modes, GPS and anti theft system.

Individual components were designed with cues from some Italian automobiles and the overall design is certainly unique.

This is a very impressive design concept that would look great if it was ever actually built. I love the look of the engine and how everything grows from it, sort of like a motorcycle seed.

Be sure to visit the website where all of Glinik’s drawings are displayed. He has multiple color variations and a lot of detail throughout. Nice work!

Thanks for the pointer, Bob!

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