Yamaha MT-04 250 FT 250cc Flat Track Concept

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Yamaha MT-04 250 FT 250cc Flat Track Concept

What would a Yamaha MT-04 250cc flat tracker look like? Oberdan Bezzi, who keeps turning out loads of very cool sketches, thought it might be an opportunity for Yamaha to open up a segment of the market with something other than a scooter or the usual small displacement motorcycles you see throughout much of the world. He thought if Yamaha built a V-Twin like this it might appeal to the riders looking for something that stands out from the crowd.

He has a more standard sketch for his MT-04 idea but this flat track concept, aimed at the U.S., caught my eye. Think about the large base of new riders looking for a way to get comfortable on a motorcycle but having a problem finding a small displacement bike that looks good. In my mind, this would solve that problem quite nicely. In fact, something this nice might do away with the need to move up too quickly because the rider wanted to get off of his “beginner bike” and give him or her an opportunity to really learn how to ride. Nice idea!

from: thekneeslider.com

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