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Yamaha Vixion Tank Cover dan Big Air Shroud
Yamaha vixion Radiator Cover dan Under Cowl
yamaha vixion Front Fork Shroud
Finally caught well sightings Yamaha Vixion Special Edition, this picture is managed by the bro kentadis immortalized in Solo, Central Java. Apparently this only adds a few new motorcycle accessories and Y-MAX SharkSet CobraSet course, strategies that draw from YMKI to popularize official merchandise accessories, if accessories are sold separately Cobraset only costs 975rb 950rb and Sharkset worth it, but the price Vixion Special Edition priced at only Jt 22.83 cheaper 125rb. With the price turns out to Vixion So much more frightening and cool .... deh ... Gear regret not include Tank Cover (condoms tank), Big Air shroud, Radiator Cover, Front Fork shroud, Under Cowl (cover below) and Rear Vender.

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