Honda Scoopy-I Thailand For New Mdoficator

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Honda Scoopy-I Thailand For New Mdoficator
Indi aka Indie, an abbreviation derived from the word independent. Of course, had a broad meaning. Namely, free, independent or stand alone. It seemed, this concept also representing modifications in the Honda Scoopy-I Thailand which mejeng in booth AP Honda Thailand at Bangkok International Motor Show 2011, a new past.

Offered a unique concept. Just as the design of the Honda 110 cc skubek this retro genre. Unique impression that emerged from the colors displayed. At least, four color ngejreng contrived to appear dominant. Light blue, dark blue, yellow and green.

Harmonious color placement makes Scoopy-I look more funky! Not bound should lead to a single concept. His name is also indie. So freely specify colors for fun viewing. So is color rim. Take a look, even between the front and rear rim of color differences, but still visible synergies to support the body also display the overall design.

Similar seats are leather-covered application materials, neither the shiny glosy. This seat, as if made ​​to have two separate parts. Yes, for the rider and boncengers. Honda Scoopy-I Thailand, The design, look glamorous. Create handlebars, Scoopy Indi still use the standard shell. Ciamik! (

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