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Modifikasi Honda Scoopy, 2011 (Solo)

Agus Budiyono, skipper buying and selling cars and motorcycles Budi Agung Motor home Palur, Karanganyar-Solo, handed the modif honda scopy concept retro elegance on his Honda Scoopy.

In addition to the claimed variation studded choice, Nyonyo, call Agus Budiyono, expertly choosing accent striping on the body honda Scoopy. So still looks impressive luxury and elegance. "I wish baseball retro look from ordinary, much less appear ngejreng. Nah really, "sure Nyonyo.

And according to him, the key change is the chrome-colored accents dynamic striping tribal motif that is claimed to combine harmoniously with the dark color honda Scoopy. Moreover Oracal already use similar materials, which when observed ribet baseball motif.

At first glance seem a combination of design motifs line shape but with different thicknesses and interlinked. Precision between the left and right alias neat jali. Oh yes, striping curved shape following the contours of the rear fenders are also processed their own stickers. So it became baseball market.

modifikasi honda scoopy, Nyonyo understand the most appropriate location to install striping. Among tebeng body left and right front fenders left and right rear body. The result appears to fit combined with a few variations that follow chrome applied. As the body side trim middle deck, front sepatbor also alias pet hat headlamp.

Front tire: 100/80-14 FDR
Rear tire: 120/80-14 FDR
Front rim: Daytona 185x14
Rear rim: Daytona 215x14
Front disc: TDR

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